Jul 13, 2010

Womens Wednesday Worlds

First there was wednesday worlds, then there was cross-worlds now there's Womens Wednesday Worlds (WWW). Randi Cox and Pam Loebig will be leading a group out of town for anyone who wishes to do a ladies-only ride, where the route may or may not follow the 'regular worlds'. Meet at the usual time of 6pm at the Sample Gates. Should be good training for the increasing number of ladies that have been showing up forn the ride.

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Kent said...

What a fantastic ride...To all the ladies who kicked my ass, I salute you: Pam, Randi, Katie, Mandy, Liz,and a couple of names that escape me. For someone attempting to get back in shape, North shore is a bete noir. I would have never made it without the kindness of the ladies, as well as the good fortune of having T-Cox driving the auto-bus. At one point in my minds eye I thought that I might have the privilege (approx 4 pm) but found that I was gassed by the cruelty of Northshore. There was a reason I had blown that road off for many a year.

In any event the action started on the first hill on Robinson with an attack by Pam on a hill that Randi hates (she related later that she had planned to go at the top of the hill if no one had started the festivities earlier)and the battle was duly joined. There had been some previous discussion about a change in course (ala the reverse forest loop) but as we passed that opportunity (I was personally in favor, as North Shore was in my mind a hill to far) I was on Pam's wheel, she being tĂȘte de la course, when she signified that we were gonna assault that demon.

Personally speaking, I blew up at least 14 times on North Shore and have nothing but mad props for the ladies who were soft pedaling ahead trying to keep the group together on that treacherous road. My last significant effort was the lead out to the trevlac hill, at which point I suggested that we would meet somewhere on south shore ( wishful thinking in the extreme...I blew up several times while Tom was driving the auto-bus, including an embarrasing dismount shortly after the southshore hill got steep.

I had to walk up the remainder of the hill, and have promised that the two nice tortuga fellows that inquired about my situation would never say a word.

Finding the ladies that kicked my ass rolling backwards through Dolan to re-group made my day in ways that I can't explain. At one point, Pam says something about how this might have been the nicest ride ever, Randi, chimes in about how nice it was to be able to attack, which would not necessarily occur during a garden variety WNW.

I agree with them both. I might have enjoyed the best ride of my life today.

Extra special thanks for Tom Cox. The auto-bus saved Those of us in the remainder.

As far as results are concerned, Pam beat Randi in the sprint, though she was willing to asterisk the victory as Randi and Liz waited for them at the top of South Shore ( feel free to correct! ).

In any event I am pleased to have witnessed a certain portion of the race and have little difficulty in having my ass handed to me by such a fine assortment of ladies.

/tip of the hat