Jul 26, 2010

HMBA Century- July 31st

A group will be leaving town EARLY on saturday AM to ride the HMBA Century that runs from Franklin to Bloomington and back. However we will be doing it in reverse, leaving the Sample Gates at 6am prompt, riding steady (18-20mph) to Franklin and then following the route back to Bloomington to finish at Revolution Bike and Bean. We ride to Franklin by the flattest/ fastest route so will not be taking in all the hills (SR45-Lick Creek- Morgantown-Franklin). It's a challenging fun ride and there is something very satisfying about riding 100mile before noon! Let me know if you're coming so we can wait for you (geraintparry75@gmail.com )


Anonymous said...

wait a second. so is this on mountain bikes or road bike ride? the route looks like mostly decent enough roads so it must be road bikes, right? just wonderin'.

Anonymous said...

Ride whatever you'd like but most use road bikes as it's a really long day on an MTB!

Anonymous said...

no doubt that would be awful on a mtb. i figured it was road bikes but since it is HMBA I just wondered. thanks.