May 17, 2011

MMSF TT #2 5/17/2011

The second edition of the Forest TT took place tonight under less-than-ideal conditions. With unseasonably low temperatures and some mist in the air, 21 riders rose to the challenge of the 10-mile course just north of Bloomington. The winner on the day was no surprise - course record holder Ryan Shanahan clocked a 22.01 to take first by over 30 seconds. Hannah Caproon bested the other women with a time of 28.54. Unfortunately TT/Merckx was not recorded, so I cannot speak to our Merckx winners, but my guess is Paul Levy had the best Merckx time with a 25.05. Great job to everyone who came out, next one is in two weeks!

Full results below:
Place Name Time MPH
1 Ryan Shanahan 22.01 27.25
2 Jonathan Atwell 22.38 26.51
3 Ren-Jay Shei 22.58 26.12
4 Adam Rodkey 23.19 25.73
5 Jason Romain 23.37 25.41
6 Scott Jerden 23.51 25.16
7 Alex Jerden 25.01 23.98
8 Paul Levy 25.05 23.92
9 Tim Nixon 25.08 23.87
10 Will Sorg 25.18 23.72
11 Scott Catanzaro 25.32 23.50
12 Ashton Wischmeier 26.03 23.03
13 Lyle Feigenbaum 26.16 22.84
14 Carey Wagoner 26.48 22.39
15 Scott Todd 27.13 22.05
16 Chris Bunham 27.52 21.53
17 Austin Nielson 27.55 21.49
18 Hannah Caproon 28.54 20.76
19 Emily Palmer 29.08 20.59
20 David Larrison 29.09 20.58
21 Melissa Moeller 31.27 19.08


Scott Catanzaro said...
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Scott Catanzaro said...

Were the final time calculations all correct? My Garmin had me at least a minute faster...

Anonymous said...


The timing sheet had your finishing time as 32.02, starting 6.30 back. I believe that would put you at 25.32 if my math is right. I wasn't the timer, so I'm just going off of what was written down.


Will said...

Scott, I think mine was off too. Shown in 10th at 25:18, but my Garmin has me in at 27:39. Either way it was fun. Thanks goes out to the volunteers for putting it on.


Geraint Parry said...

Ride of the day from Lyle F who improved by 2minutes from two weeks ago! Unless....

Bob said...

Sounds like IUSF timing...

Lyle said...

Geraint. I hope you are not implying that I might be juicing. Bakehouse Granola Baby!

Geraint Parry said...

Those 'Lyle-Sundaes' do have a mysterious kick to them...