May 18, 2011

WW # 10 Training Race Report: Low Gap/Mahalasville

27 starters tonight on an unseasonably cold early evening with rain threatening. Several women were in attendance as well, including; Lauren Gowdy, Emma Caughlin, Liz Cobb, Rachel Metherd and Melissa Moeller. The fireworks began as advertised at the start of Anderson with several attacks then ultimately settled down to a well established paceline to the cemetery hill at the Low Gap entrance. There were a few more attacks on the foothills of Low Gap leading up to the featured climb, most notably by Shanahan, Hamilton, Shei, Rose, Atwell and Kroll. Once the group got to the climb proper about midway on Low Gap (one we would see again on the return trip) the pace was elevated with all comers searching for the right gear and 16 made the final selection to the Mahalasville loop. In addition to those already mentioned, Nixon, West, Saccone, Depasse, Golasz, Smallman, Preske, Walsh, Catanzaro, Kaleb and Bailey were among them. The speed was fast and there were more attacks on the way to the rollers on Mahalasville. We were steady and the speed was high-averaging above 25mph on Downey Rd as we approached Low Gap with the Tulip climb waiting for us again. The veneer of the group was worn desperately thin as Hamilton pushed hard over the top and 9 made the lead group with 4 trying to get organized; Rose, Saccone, Depasse, Walsh. The speed was frenetic as the leaders played their cards down the remainder of Low Gap. The single file line was stretched again up the Anderson cemetery hill and Shei ultimately got caught out after a hard effort. Atwell and Shanahan took turns working the group over and Atwell attempted a flyer as the finish quickly approached and Hamilton sensed the imminent danger. With Atwell cutting hard up the left hand side of the road and Hamilton taking the right, the drag race was on with the field looking for wheels! In the final analysis Hamilton prevailed by less than a wheel for a well deserved win! Atwell 2nd, Smallman 3rd. Average speed: 25 mph.

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