Mar 4, 2011

Wednesday Worlds Schedule Announced!

Well, It's that time again. Time to set your sights and mark your calendars for another season of Wednesday night races at the Wednesday Worlds! As a going away gift that will last all season, we have conspired with the man from Liverpool to set a calendar that will keep you challenged all season. We are also planning on adding a little spice to these training races this year as well, in the form of primes and prizes! Look to future posts for details! March 16th is less than a fortnight away mates.

Wednesday Worlds 2011

March 16th 446 circuit

March 23rd Forest Loop (down BB)

March 30th 446 Circuit

April 6th Paragon Loop (out Bottom Road)

April 13th 446 circuit

April 20th Forest-North Shore- South Shore

April 27th Forest Loop (down BB)

May 4th 446 circuit

May 11th Paragon-Buskirk Loop (out old 37)

May 18th Low Gap- Mahalasville loop

May 25th 446 circuit

June 1st Take the Lake (out Harrell to Fairfax)

June 8th Forest Loop (up BB)

June 15th 446 circuit

June 22nd Paragon Loop (out Bottom Road)

June 29th Forest-North Shore- South Shore

July 6th Low Gap- Mahalasville loop

July 13th 446 circuit

July 20th Paragon-Buskirk Loop (out old 37)

July 27th Take the Lake (out Harrell to Fairfax)

August 3rd 446 circuit

August 10th Forest Loop (down BB)

August 17th Forest-North Shore- South Shore

August 24th 446 circuit

August 31st Take the Lake (out Harrell to Fairfax)

Sept 7th Paragon-Buskirk Loop (out old 37)

Sept 14th 446 circuit

Sept 21st Forest Loop (up BB)

Sept 28th 446 circuit


gwp493 said...

Wondering when the Worlds Rides will leave. Should I assume 6pm and they leave from the Sample Gates?

gwp493 said...

Looks like the first one (at least) will leave at 5:30pm from the Sample Gates.

Anonymous said...

the 446 loop sucks, and 7 out of the 19 are 446 loops

Anonymous said...

If you have ever actually raced in the midwest, it is typically crits and short fairly non hilly road races. Also if you have done WW, you know that it is often a very mixed group. If it was a loop that started 15 miles out of town that only a few people knew it'd be more "exciting" however it would also only serve a few people. 446 you can get dropped and join back in, you can stay in if you don't have a great deal of fitness, and you always know how to get home or get a ride if there is a wreck or other mechanical. I like 446 as it allows a very easy entry point into racing for a good deal of the cycling community. I'd like to see the 60K and the loop we did a couple years ago that is just north of the forest thrown in there, really there are several other routes that would make an exciting list, however many of them might now actually be realistic to attempt for a majority of those involved. I like the prime idea to mix stuff up, exactly what a circuit like 446 could use, but I'd like to see a longer race option for 446 as well, say half "race sprint" at 6 or 8, then each lap there after until 12 or so. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

446 might not seem as exciting as some of the other courses, however, it does serve a purpose.

Anonymous said...
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adamrodkey said...

FYI, Bottom Road/Paragon-ish areas are a total mess (right now at least). Not a good place to take a lot of people, it's tough to navigate solo. But they may have it patched up some by late spring/summer.

Anonymous said...

446 circuit = dorky

how about end of 446 and back w/ start/finish at knightridge or pine ridge something....less fit or overtrained people could flip it earlier and insert themselves into the drama if they felt this need. would be pretty easy to get home, cut it short, etc.

I also hate to say it but the primes should be planned carefully (i.e. uphill finishes, only in later miles or laps) to avoid a bunch of crashing retards.