Mar 27, 2011

Collegiate Update

On a non-Little 500 note, some Hoosiers traveled up to South Bend today to compete in the Notre Dame crit. Official results have not been posted yet, but from what I gather, Eric Young won the Men's A's race. His teammate Kevin Depasse was second in the Men's B's and fellow Cutters rookies Thomas Walsh and Sam Stanford were top 10 and top 20 in Men's C's and D's, respectively. Eric Anderson also finished top 15 in the Men's B's while Melinda Balchan took the win in the Women's B's. Kristen Metherd and Hannah Calvert both completed the Women's A's race, likely scoring points, but without results, I am unsure.

Next up on the Midwest Collegiate schedule: Marian (Saturday) and Purdue (Sunday)

As a biased author, I would encourage all who can make it to come to Purdue so we can show them who the better university in Indiana is.


Anonymous said...

Was he wearing his Dust Buster kit or was he riding for IU?

Frederick said...

Eric is _the_ man!

Good job IU!

Geraint Parry said...