Mar 7, 2011

Early Wednesday Worlds (last one before the real one!)

From IUCC-

We had a pretty good turnout last week at our "early" Wednesday Worlds, so let's plan on doing the same thing.

Sample Gates
Course TBD

Unfortunately I cannot attend, but those who show up I'd advise a neutral rollout and begin the action once you're out of town. Course to be decided by those attending. Weather looks bad, but hopefully still ride-able.


rmsmallm said...

The Random-Route-Roubaix wednesday worlds began with an elite field of the fittest and fastest in the greater Bloomington Area. The pace began slowly but the riders knew that pain was soon to come. Then out of nowhere Clayton Feldman's tire exploded out from underneath his very loins. Luckily his team was able to spot him despite the ban on race radios and quickly helped him back to the front of the pack. The move was witnessed by a cycling enthusiast aboard his mountain bike featuring aero bars. The pace quickened as we entered the rear entrance of the MMSF at which the cobbles and poor road conditions took their toll on Clayton's tire. Clayton powered through the flat and tried to stay in the race, but alas his tube came out of the rim and wrapped itself around the brakes and cassette. He sadly had to break UCI/WW rules and radio for the team car. While Clayton's tube decided to try to kill him, Chris Wood suffered a nasty wipe out on the muddy asphalt roads, nearly killing himself and those around him. This was just enough for Rob Smallman to grab the prime at the pinnacle of the mountain. With Clayton out of the race, the two men of HC? duked it out over the remaining terrain with Smallman leading a ferocious attack up firehouse for the victory.

Anonymous said...

Man, we were attacking most of those hills like the Tourmalet.

Cowboy said...

Do you know why I like Eric Young? It's not cuz he beat me in Little 5 twice. It's because he doesn't gloat about it.

While your commentary was a bit witty, no one wants to hear a story where the author wins everything.

Anonymous said...

To clarify for Rob, his post is a goof. There were three people for Worlds, we cruised out, chatted, Clayton flatted (a few times) and we booked it home before dark.

Now who's narrative was more fun to read?

Caro said...
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Anonymous said...

I didn't only flat I rode a tire on a rim with no tube for a mile or so to get to a road where I could get picked up, much different and yes we did attack those hills like the Tourmalet. I will gladly accept my bronze WW's medal. Props to Rob for winning an uphill finish, those are hard on us big guys. Also there was no cruising it was hard attack after hard attack, get it right people. Maybe that is what happened I attacked so hard my tube exploded inside my wheel, that such much more hardcore.


rmsmallm said...

You rode the hell out of that rim, right before that tube almost rode the hell out of you.