Mar 11, 2011

Morgan-Monroe State Forest Time Trial

The Tuesday night time trial schedule has been created for this coming summer. The course begins and ends at the entrance to Morgan-Monroe State Forest (specifically the intersection of SR Old 37 and Main Forest Road) and is 10 miles in length (out and back). The time trial will be held every other Tuesday starting Tuesday May, 3rd. The first rider will go off at 7:00pm, a group will be leaving from the Bicycle Garage at 6:15pm.

Dates are:

May 3rd
May 17th
May 31st
June 14th
June 28th
July 12th
July 26th
August 9th
August 23rd
September 6th

Current Course Record: 20:38 by Ryan Shanahan


Anonymous said...

6.15! Not a leisurely ride out there then!

adamrodkey said...

"20:38 by Ryan Shanahan"

I want his shit x-rayed for a Cancellera motor this year.

Wes said...

Or at least making sure he not turning around 1/2 mile from where he's supposed to. Man thats smoking fast.

Anonymous said...

So I heard there was some talk among the "official forest TT director peoples" about starting these up in April this year (why the heck not!? I know, right?) and the rumor is that Mr. Big Sexy RS himself didn't want to start it up until May. So I guess he's got a lot of SUCK with the steering committee. Now why would that be that he don't wanna start'em till May?


weather? blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

adam, wouldn't you want to x-ray his bicycle for the motor?

people and their fetishes these days...good heavens.

adamrodkey said...

adam, wouldn't you want to x-ray his bicycle for the motor?

Hahaha. I just figured if he used a motor he'd probably eat it to destroy the evidence!

Frederick said...
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Anonymous said...

So let me know if you need some help with this as it looks like you've taken over the reigns for the MMSF TT this year. FYI-A start of 7:15 will likely make it hard for that same group to make it back in town before it gets dark...especially with the numbers we were getting out there last summer...


Anonymous said...

i thought the shanahan/sanders clan was behind the mmsf tt... what's with the regime shake up? is this egypt? does this mean fred is doing all the timing now instead?

Anonymous said...

is there some way we can get a big stereo out there this year? Maybe we can get the Pizza Ex truck to come out and serve as a party-mobile (I mean follow car) for the ride back into town in the dark. oh, and Pizza Ex could throw in pizza primes for most improved, etc.---in exchange for "big ups" from the riders when the topic of conversation turns to pizza-consumption around Bloomington.

BGI could also step up to the plate for once with sponsoring local cycling activities and buy a bunch of those rave-style glow in the dark necklace/bracelet thingys for the ride back into town with the Pizza Ex van rockin so so loud loud beats like "I've gotta feelin' brm brm brm bom bom bom bom brm---that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good good night, etc." Not to name any names but somebody (read: Ren-Jay) will probably request country western on the van stereo system, which is normally pretty cool, but just doesn't fit the venue or the vibe, so everyone will be like "F__K that shit dude--- bring back the PEAS PLEASE!"

When we roll up firehouse the firemen will be like:

"Baby let me break you down...
Oh Oh Oh OH oH Oh
OH - MY ---GOSH!"

THIS is the new transforming vision that I predict Mr. Fred Rose will be bringing to MMSFTT (read: PIZZA PARTY RAVE ON WHEELS!)

Frederick said...

I was thinking something more classic like a start/finish arch with Swiss timing. (The Pizza Distress van is really obnoxious)

Seriously though...

The MMSF TT is really Sarah and Ryan's show. I sat down with Ryan to get the dates sorted out last week. Beyond that my only involvement was to push to get the posting up on BVN so that people could get the dates into their calendars.
The starting time is, as it has always been, 7:00pm.

As far as my presumptuousness about unilaterally messing with the start time all I can say is "mia culpa".


Anonymous said...

re: the pizza express van, apparently "obnoxious" is now a synonym for "hella-freakin'-balls-to-the-wall-awesome."