Mar 6, 2011

A Glutton for Punishment

What does it take to get a 30 year-old former cyclist back in the saddle?  In my case it was punching a winning ticket into the most grueling one-day endurance mtb bike race in the world – the Leadville 100!  What was I thinking?!

This is the first of six or seven entries that will follow one man’s journey to get back on the bike and finish the “Race Across They Sky.”  I’ll provide a new post after each 4-week training block with the goal of looking back on what was accomplished and an outline of things to come.  I’ll try to keep it interesting and touch on the highs and lows of preparing for such an event.  Particularly for someone who has touched the bike MAYBE ten times in the last four years. 

But first….I suppose I should introduce myself.  My name is Matthew Ewing.  I’m a former Cat. 1 cyclist, who picked up cycling in 1999 during my freshman year of college at Indiana University.  I was looking for something to help shed the 20lbs I packed on thanks to a diet of pledgeship, Pizza Express and Natty Light.  I had the honor of racing in the Little 500 and kept turning the pedals until 2006 when I decided hang it up.

So what will it take for a washed up cyclist to complete a 100 mile race that has been described as - - “Stupid hard.”  “Brutal…Ridiculous!” and “Pure Sweet Hell!”  ????

I’m not sure, but it will be an exciting adventure…and I suppose such adventures are what life is all about.

The first block of training will run from March 4th to April 3rd and focus on building my base again.  Lot’s of 3-4 hour weekends rides with two/three 2 hour rides during the week.  Rest days will include active recovery and focusing a great deal on my core strength.

Below are a few key rides/events I’ll be targeting.  Misery loves company so don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel like joining in on the fun as some of these are in the Bloomington area.

Sunday, March 26th:        100k Route (road bike)
Sunday, April 24th:          Nashville 90 (road bike)
Saturday, May 15th:         Dirt, Sweat and Gears 6hr Endurance MTB Race (mountain bike)
Sunday, June 12th:           Nashville 90 + throw in Boultinghouse (mountain bike)
Friday, July 8th – 10th:     Training trip to Leadville, CO (mountain bike)
Saturday, August 13th:     RACE DAY!


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RJ said...

YES!!! I love that you're getting back on the bike Ewing. The few times I got to ride with you "back in the day" (i.e. when you were still in college/grad school and I was in high school...) were a blast, definitely look forward to joining you when I can! Good luck!