May 21, 2012

Tuesday Night Time Trials (Morgan-Monroe State Forest)

It's here again!! The bi-weekly Morgan-Monroe State Forest 10-mile Time Trial is beginning for the season tomorrow night! (Tuesday, May 22nd)  As usual the start time will be 7:00pm at the intersection of Main Forest Road and Old SR 37.  The 10-mile course is a straight out-and-back (the turnaround is marked by a giant Smiley face, just before Catholic Cemetary Rd.) through Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  If I am not mistaken, the current course record is still held by none other than Mr. Ryan Shanahan, in a time of 20:31.

Perhaps J.Atwell will surprise us with this aero outfit again?? Photo courtesy of Tom Saccone
Schedule for the season is as follows (every other Tuesday):

#1 May 22nd
#2 June 5th
#3 June 19th
#4 July 3rd
#5 July 17th
#6 July 31st
#7August 14th
#8 August 28th
#9 September 11th

A small group usually rides out at a brisk pace from the Bicycle Garage, Inc. on Kirkwood just after 6pm.  Again, first rider will go off at 7:00pm with subsequent riders going off at 30-second intervals.  We hope to see you out there!!

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Geraint Parry said...

Good news, I was wondering when these would begin! Btw my eyes hurt after looking at that picture!
20.31 really? That's pretty quick!