May 4, 2012

Eric Young contd...

He may not live in Bloomington anymore but it's worth celebrating Eric Young's continuing achievements. So great to see a pre-L5 non-rider be so successful. Not only an article in the other big cycling website but wins in the final stage of Joe Martin SR and then in Tour of the Gila stage 2. The latter is a big step-up as isn't some 'easy' crit but a legit 100mile RR with climbs. Lots of praise from his Bissell team-mates who clearly feel he is worth working for:
  @benjm1 'Eric Young fought like a champ up some big climbs today, then finished it off with a Win at Stage 2! Nice one!'
 @frankpipp Great team effort today @BissellCycling but the Hoosier really took it to another level when he went at about 500m to go. stage 2
Podium Insight interview after the Gila stage Picture from PodiumInsight
 What odds a top 5 or even a stage-win at the AToC? I'd say 4/1 for a top5 on any stage, that AToC is the big-league!


Fowler said...

First stage will be tough with so many people fresh & going for the win. There is always a big pile up in the finish circuits but this year it is a straight run-in to the finish. I think he'll be there to compete but a "podium" spot will be very tough.

The final stage at TOC will suit him well. Somewhere in the top 3 for sure! But he has to get there first, crazy hard TOC this year. It will be an accomplishment just to finish it. Would be great to see him in a breakaway in the middle though. Get some face time!

Nathan said...

I know we shouldn't count our chickens just yet, but it would be incredible to see him do well at California and then get a pro-continental option (a la Ted King who also rode for Bissell and then moved on Cervelo Test Team). *Fingers crossed*

adamrodkey said...

Love to see that Campag crossing the line first!
Even better done so under EY.

Geraint Parry said...

In a surprising development to those of us who want Eric to succeed as quickly as possible, he's been left off the Bissell team for the ATOC

With the recent results this is a little surprising but I can see that Bissell is playing the long game. We forget that Eric has just been a Pro at this level for 1 year so perhaps team management saw something after 2 big 4day stage races in 2 weeks that formed their opinion. It'd be great to know the reason! I'm glad I didn't take any bets ;)

Geraint Parry said...

Looks like don't know shit. Bissell just announced Eric in their lineup. Go get them!