Sep 30, 2009

Fall Cycling Series

The first opportunity for students to lock horns on their Little 5 bikes comes up next week with with the Fall Cycling Series. It's L5 bikes all the way this year and the action will all take place on campus so if you're not racing then come on out to support your friends!

Oct 5th- 4-6pm Street Sprint on Upper Jordan Ave.
Third year for this popular event when riders battle it out over a 200 meter course in bracket style action that funnels down to an exciting final heat! Defending champs- Ali Camara and Jackie Moeller

Oct 11th- A day at the Armstrong Stadium.
11am- Cyclocross on Little 5 bikes around the track, over haybales and up and down stairs. The first lap of the Mens event is one of the funniest things you'll ever see as riders approach the first haybale and realize they don't know how to get off the bike! Crunch!!

3-6pm- Individual Time Trials. None of your 4 lap wimpy spring ITTs here. There'll be 4 riders on the track for an epic 10 laps (2.5miles) that could see people lapped and lapped some more!

Download the registration form here


Anonymous said...

so, from what i understand, only little 5 bikes are allowed? oh, i forgot, this is bloomington. therefore, cycling = little 500 exclusively!!! and nothing else amongst the college scene. lametacularness.

Anonymous said...

It makes it a level playing field. If you don't like it, don't come to the race. I'm sure it'll survive with the 10K other people in the bleachers. Read the rest of the posts on here- there are other things outside of L5 in Bloomington. Although the focus on L5 is far from perfect without the race this town would be similar to West Lafayette with about 15 riders total.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could consider having various categories instead of making it L5 exclusive. I guess I could have made that suggestion to begin with. I understand that there are other things outside of the L5.

Emily said...

Hey, does anyone know about the rules involving what category you are in terms of being eligible to race in the Little 5? I was told I wouldn't be allowed to because I'm cat 2 in cyclocross and cat 1 in mtb, but I've never in my life bought a road license, (although i've raced road and nobody called me out on it while registering...) being that I am cat nothing in road, can I race in the Little 500? I couldn't actually find anything about this in the rulebook that was on the IUSF site. I mean, it's probably too late for me to find a team to be on, so it's not a huge deal actually.

Geraint Parry said...

Too late for a team? Not at all, you can join a team up until rookie week in Feb. Contact Race Director Pam Loebig ( ) She'll tell you want you need to know.