Sep 14, 2009


Cyclocross season 'proper' starts this Saturday in Ohio as the Ohio Valley Cyclocross series kicks off. The OVCX has grown almost exponentially over the past few years and is now seeing 100s of riders each weekend at venues around the area. CX is a little more laid back than road racing so if you're a Cat1-3 who wants to give it a try then rock on up on any old bike and race in the Cat4s. It's not as easy as it might seem!

The bonus this year is that there is a Bloomington OVCX race in '09. Ryan Knapp and Andy Messer (sorry if I missed anyone) are organizing an event on October 18th at the Twin Lakes complex out of West 2nd street. Look out for much more to come on this event as we get closer! It should be a blast!


Anonymous said...

awesome, encourage people to sandbag the cat. 4 race! sure they'll appreciate a bunch of roadies racing-down just so they can fell good about themselves.

Geraint Parry said...

When this notedly average Cat3 tried to 'sandbag' the 'Gunclub' Cat4 CX race I ended up on my ass in a sandpit every time i went through it because I can't ride my bike in a straight line when not on tarmac. I suspect many people might be the same!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I heard that sandpit was really bad. I probably overstated the sandbagging thing, how about riding down 1 category at most. (i.e. Cat.3 races Cat.4) But 1's or 2's in Cat.2/3 race not the Cat.4's