Sep 21, 2009

Race Recap

OVCX #1! Sherer killed it with top wins on saturday and sunday! The top dog at Cross Worlds can also boss it away from Bloomington! It was a happy Loebig/Sherer household this weekend as Pam also took a couple of wins in the Womens 3/4 races. There were also strong results from Issac Neff, Adam Rodkey, Don Galligher, Andy Messer and Fred Rose. Look for all those names to feature in the results from now until December!

Ryan Knapp headed East to pick up some all important UCI points and came away from PA and Baltimore with 18 of those beauties! These become important once the first world rankings are published on Oct 5th. Points won in the US are just the same as those won in the CX hot bed of Belgium (on Sunday Ryan won the same number of points as Radomir Simunek!) and they determine the starting grid at UCI races which can be very very important!

USA Cycling Track champs are next weekend in Trexlertown PA and there was a final warmup event at Mayor Taylor Velodrome this past weekend. It was basically a Marian University benefit event but Eric Young tried to hold back the tide and did pretty good! He's off to PA next week to try and win a medal or two! My question? Where are the rest of the IU riders?

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