Sep 26, 2009

WW recap

The Cat3/4/5 Wednesday Worlds is flourishing in September. This past week a mixed group of approx 25 riders rolled out with a TT bike and a neophyte in T and sneakers amongst the participants! However you’ve got to be in it to win it so congrats to everyone who came out as I am sure that many riders nervously choose to avoid the ride. The pace was in the mid 20s along Anderson road and the majority of the riders stuck together and kept it mostly safe.
There was a clear sense of nervousness as Beanblossom hill approached and rightly so as the group shattered on the big hill. DaveRR lead to the base of the climb before Kaleb Naegeli took over the pace on the steep early ramp. However the true hammer came from Adam Mercer and Matt Neibler who cruised away from the rest of the group. They didn’t persist with their attack which enabled a heavy-breathing quintet including DaveRR, Naegeli, Chris Hill and Greg Vortz to bridge up and keep the pace high to prevent any of the chasing riders joining back up.
Hindustan was to make a further selection and so it was that Mercer, Neibler and DRR moved ahead, working well together and staying out front in the lead up to the final sprint. DRR lead it out but it was Neibler for the second week in a row who took the win!
Next week is the final ‘official’ Wednesday worlds of the year out at the 446 circuit. To mark such a special occasion there will be a $10 BikeSmiths gift certificate to the most aggressive rider as judged completely subjectively by BVN! Lets all pull through, keep it safe and have a great ride!


Adam Mercer said...

Maybe some guys from Cross Worlds can pick up the road bike just for Wednesday night this week...breakaways keep it interesting.

Erik Hamilton said...

I just may.... although i will be on a cross bike with road tires