Sep 15, 2009

MC HC 09 Results!

Another edition of the Monroe County Hill Climb is in the books and the times just keep falling. A record number of participants rode Pinegrove hill on a balmy late summer day that was conducive to rapid times. Almost half the field dipped under 6minutes showing that a slightly earlier date has people closer to their summer top condition.
Remarkably the course record was beaten by three riders each of which rocked a TT rig with skinsuit! Clearly the downhill and false flat portions of the course are not to be forgotten! So it was Adam Rodkey in 3rd with 5m23s, defending champ Ren-jay Shei in 2nd with 5m16s and Ryan Shanahan who roared to victory with a remarkable 5m14s! Could the 5minute mark really be under threat next year??
Ryan also won the Over 30 division whilst Matt Neibler won the Frat division and was 5th overall with a rapid 5m31 (that would have won the inaugural event in 2007). Randi Cox was able to successfully defend the Womens title!
Overall Results
Name, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan- 5m14s
  2. Ren-Jay Shei- 5m16s
  3. Adam Rodkey- 5m23
Womens Championship
  1. Randi Cox- 6m54s
  2. Pam Loebig- 7m08s
  3. Kathleen Grigg- 7m11s
Fraternity Division
  1. Matt Neibler- 5m31s
  2. Pat O'Hara- 5m42s
  3. Will McDermott- 5m47s
Over-30 Division
  1. Ryan Shanahan- 5m14s
  2. Adam Rodkey- 5m23s
  3. Andy Messer- 5m40s
Thanks to everyone who came out to ride. Look out for some photos from Carl Field coming soon. Finally big thanks to Brian Drummy without whom the event couldn't have happened and who ably filled in for Sarah Schaack.

Full Results
  1. Ryan Shanahan- 5m14
  2. Ren-jay Shei- 5m16
  3. Adam Rodkey- 5m23
  4. Mike Sherer- 5m29
  5. Matt Neibler- 5m31
  6. Jonathan Atwell- 5m34
  7. Andy Messer- 5m40
  8. Pat O'Hara- 5m42
  9. Will McDermott- 5m47
  10. Jordan Bailey- 5m50
  11. Tomasz Golas- 5m53
  12. Ryan Meneghin- 5m54
  13. RJ Stuart- 5m54
  14. Chris Beck- 5m57
  15. Stephen Quay- 5m59
  16. Tom Cox- 6m03
  17. Brant Powell- 6m05
  18. Trey Richardson- 6m09
  19. Kaleb Naegeli- 6m10
  20. Ryan Preske- 6m12
  21. Brent Nowinski- 6m14
  22. Mike Waymire- 6m18
  23. Chris West- 6m19
  24. Jan Byers-Gamber- 6m22
  25. Chris Arvin- 6m28
  26. Greg Vortz- 6m30
  27. Nichel Navkal- 6m33
  28. Chris Bonham- 6m37
  29. Jake Rowland- 6m39
  30. Randi Cox- 6m54
  31. Tim Mickleborough- 6m54
  32. Pam Loebig- 7m08
  33. Kathleen Grigg- 7m11
  34. Joel Mickleborough- 7m17
Apologizes to any name spelling mistakes, let me know and I'll amend.


Schaack said...

At last! My dreams have all come true GP! Bloomington's biking community can now keep their fingers on the pulse of non-biking activities nationwide! Thank goodness I added the comment gadget, eh?

Carl Field said...

I have the photos ready, but no publishing rights nor contact info for G.P.

Anyone w/ publishing rights can email me so you can post the link.


adamrodkey said...

Thanks, G. It was, errr, fun.

KNaegeli said...

Thanks, Geraint, for putting this on. It was indeed fun.