Sep 22, 2009


Road Worlds- 5.30pm at the Sample Gates. Forest loop. I'm thinking we'll go out to Anderson Road, UP Beanblossom, through the forest to Old 37 and then finish on the bridge just before Robinson Road. I'm not sure if there's the daylight or the motviation to do more than one lap! The paceline practice worked well last week so hopefully thinks will be a little more controlled on Anderson road!

Cross Worlds- 5.30pm at the Gates. A message from Erik Hamilton- 'We are moving tomorrow's worlds to the Twin Lakes sports complex. This is where the Oct 18th OVCX race will be and we want to try and break in the course. We will still meet at the gates at 5:30 and will try and wait to start the racing so that everyone has a chance to get out there. See everyone tomorrow!! Let me know if you need directions or anything'

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