Sep 10, 2009

Nashville 90 Problems

Those Little 500 teams putting in the big miles through the winter will be hindered by some sucky roads as there'll be road work out on IN-135 between Freetown and the Brown County line.

> 'Ind. 135 is set to get needed maintenance starting Monday. The stretch of highway in Jackson County from U.S. 50 to the Brown County line will get chip seal and fog seal treatments, stated an Indiana Department of Transportation news release.

> The 13-mile project will result in lane restrictions. The work is
expected to take a couple of weeks, and will be done on weekdays during
daylight hours. Flaggers will control traffic during the process'

Of course when I say Little 500 'Teams' putting in the big miles I just mean the Cutters because no-one else rides in the winter right?

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Anonymous said...

Nashville 90 -- what are you talking about. Nashville is only about 20 miles away. 40 miles round trip. Crazy talk!!