Feb 4, 2013

Cycling Study

Dear Cyclists-

I am looking for highly trained cyclists to be a potential subject for my research project beginning fall 2012.  This study will investigate the consistency of performance and pacing strategy in repeated 4-km cycling time trials in trained competitive cyclists.  Potential subjects will be submitted to a maximal oxygen consumption test (V̇O2 max) to determine if they qualify for the study.  Please forward this message or my contact information to any athletes that you believe would be interested in participating.

Ren-Jay Shei, Kinesiology Masters student at Indiana University
Phone number: (812)855-4632 (ask for Ren-Jay)
Email: reshei@indiana.edu

1 comment:

RJ said...

The study is actually going on now, Spring 2013, not Fall 2012 - that was a typo!

Also subjects need to be males between the age of 18-30 years old, with at least 1 year of competitive cycling experience. Sorry for the confusion!