Mar 28, 2013

Pole Run

It's time for a little L5 content on this dead-blog.
 - Solid run from the Beta: I had Anderson at 31.5 on my patented i-phone timing system, not sure where that put him in the overall standings.
 - Would have been much faster if the second guy knew where the pedals were
- The third guy flew into the exchage box and had one of the longest follow-throughs in recent memory.
- The fourth rider crossed himself prior to the off and then had a wicked bike throw at the end! Beta for sure knows its drama!


alley fruit said...

Great job Beta!

Bloomington Bicycling said...

Kragie with the ninja slide stop. Green had great acceleration. Laser with the pro bike throw. Anderson with a speedy lap. Beta for the win race day 2013!

_Kai_ 2810

GP any individual Itt predictions?

Geraint Parry said...

I wouldn't pretend to know anyones form in particular although if I had to choose, Paul Smith seems to have been riding very strongly in Collegiate races!
And of course Eric Anderson is the third fastest one lap rider ever ever, so he must be in with a chance!!

alley fruit said...

Still dead!

Geraint Parry said...

I can't deny that Jim! This post is just rigormortic twitch :)