May 13, 2013

TT Off-Week Group Ride

Hey All-

Since there is no official MMSF TT this week, I would like to get a group together for a group ride tomorrow for whoever is interested.  Plan is to meet at Sample Gates at 11:45am and ride out steady to the Forest, where we will split up into 3- or 4-man teams.  We'll do the 10-mile TT twice as teams, with a short easy spin in between, then we'll re-group at the finish and roll through the Forest and down Bean Blossom to Anderson to top it all off (sprint line on Anderson).  We'll re-group after the sprint and roll home easy together.

I'd like to make this a bi-weekly thing on the "off" Tuesdays between TT's (with varying workouts/routes of course) - I know the time isn't ideal this week (I have to be back for a workshop at 4pm, that's why it's early this week), but in the future we'll try to schedule in the late afternoon/evening to accommodate more schedules.

Anyone is welcome, and please pass on the word to anyone you think would be interested!  Also, if you'd like to come and can't make it at 11:45am, post in the comments and maybe you all can get an evening crew together to leave at 5 or 6pm!


Well, since there's no MMSF Individual Time Trial this week, we might as well work on some TTTing, right?!?!?! Check out this #ThrowbackIUCC

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