Feb 24, 2012

MnO Results

For those starved of cinder-track related results wait no further. The demolition derby that is Rookie MnO was yesterday! Carly Dean from Wing-it won the ladies event (thx @RacingforRiley). Eric Anderson supplied the full bracket for the Mens event where Beta rookie Will Kragie took the win!
The top 8:
1st Place: Will Kragie-Beta
2nd Place: Thomas Wimmer-Sig Ep
3rd Place: Steven Gomez-BKB
4th Place: Chris Craig-Beta
5th Place: Sam Small-Sigma Chi
6th Place: Bo Henderson-Forest
7th Place: Jake Yaeger-CSF
8th Place: John Silverthorn-Forest

And a twitter pic of the winner:


Anonymous said...

scratch that... Lets all take a stab at what the Cutters were doing at this time!

I'm going with a 4X20min on rollers right after they just finished the 90. Studs.

Anonymous said...

Women's MNO:
1. C. Dean (Wing It)
2. A Doll (Chi O)
3. A. Gutierrez (Cru)
4. K. McDougal (Theta)

Anonymous said...

The is a useless workout for Pussies!! Has nothing to do with Little 5. Hope they did do that.

adamrodkey said...

That dude's bike is way to small for him.

Anonymous said...

where's the beer? I thought they were Beta's.....

Eric Anderson said...

Full bracket: https://t.co/xbVHyNg

He's gotten a new bike since that pic was taken Rodkey, don't worry.

Geraint Parry said...

Seriously A.Doll at ChiO? I thought they were all Dolls at ChiO?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the full women's bracket?

Anonymous said...

Looks like beta went to a treasure chest of 35 year old steroid mongrels. Surprised he didn't go Delts

Anonymous said...

@ 12:23 LOLZ