Feb 6, 2012

Free Testing/Study at HPER!!!

From the Exercise Physiology Department at HPER:


My name is JJ Duke and I am a doctoral candidate in the School of HPER, Department of Kinesiology. I am looking for highly trained runners, cyclists, and triathletes as potential subjects for my final research project. Please see the brief summary of my project below.

I am looking at how breathing strategies differ between running, upright cycling, and cycling in the ‘drop’ position. This project will have potential subjects come into the laboratory on three (3) occasions. During each visitation you will perform two main tests. The first will be basic lung function tests. These tests take place either seated or standing and take about 10-15 minutes max. They simply involve you inhaling and exhaling as quickly as possible a couple of times. The second test will be an exercise test to your maximum. On either the treadmill or bicycle the speed (or resistance) will be periodically increased until you are no longer able to continue. This sounds difficult, but in reality only the final 4-5 minutes are difficult. The entire exercise portion of the test will take less than 20 minutes with most lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. You will do this running on a treadmill, cycling in an upright posture, and cycling in the ‘drop’ position. Each visitation will last about an hour. The first exercise test (visitation) will be performed by either running or cycling; whichever exercise mode you feel you are most trained upon. There are some criteria that must be met in order to completely participate in the study. First, you must be highly trained. I have a fitness level that must be attained in order to be included. Second, you must be free of any cardiovascular or lung disease. Third, you must be a MALE. This particular study is only looking at these parameters in male athletes. Within a year our laboratory will be performing a similar study using only female athletes. During the first visitation subjects will fill out some basic medical information as well as a training history questionnaire.

What will you get out of participating:

Unfortunately due to budgetary issues I will not be able to pay subjects. However, you will receive:

1) Basic lung function information

2) Fitness level (VO2 max)

3) Maximum power output (on the bicycle only)

4) An estimate of your lactate (anaerobic) threshold

If you fit the above criteria please contact me directly at jwduke@indiana.edu to gather more information. Also, feel free to forward this information onto anyone that you think might be interested in participating. Thanks for your time!


JJ Duke

Doctoral Candidate

Department of Kinesiology

School of HPER

Indiana University



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