Oct 5, 2010

Bloomington- center of Midwest Cross performance

Count them up people. At the OVCX race in Louisville, Bloomington denizens won the Pro12 (Knapp), Cat 3 (Kiel), Womens 34 (Cobb), Masters 35+ (Messer) and Cat 4 (Golas) as well as a bunch of other solid performances (Rose, Preske, Rodkey, Hamilton). I'm looking forward to announcing Bloomington continuing to bring the pain at the UCI3 weekend coming up in Cincy. Last day for registration is TODAY and the fields are stacked!! Get on it!


Anonymous said...

was thomas riding a mtn. bike or cross bike?...just wondering
congrats to all!
(Bloomington is center of universe, not just midwest cross performance)

RJ said...

ouch...i guess my performance wasn't "solid"

Frederick said...

Somebody give Ren Jay a hug. (Actually, he rode really well. The bar of expectation has, therefore, been raised on his future cross races significantly.)

No pressure, Ren Jay.

No pressure.

Geraint Parry said...

Ha RJ- when I was out riding earlier I realized I'd omitted you from the list! Yeah pretty good effort...don't ride cross for a year and then take top 5 in the 3s. You're clearly a natural!

RJ said...

if only I'd placed one place higher...i would've won a 6-pack from Bluegrass Brewing Company! their beer is great by the way...especially the Bourbon Stout

Anonymous said...

Great cross riding for bloomington! keep it up