Oct 31, 2010

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse supported by Team Tortuga will hit the roads of the Midwest in 2011 with the aim of excellence in performance and community involvement. Owner of the Scholars Inn properties, Lyle Feigenbaum, has pledged to support the new team, which will be administered by the well-established organization skills of Team Tortuga. Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse will have the goal of not only being competitive in all disciplines of cycling but importantly placing themselves in a central position in the vibrant local cycling community. Feigenbaum states that ‘we aim to place this team at the center of the Bloomington cycling community, using it as a vehicle to bring businesses, charities and individuals to support all the fantastic benefits that cycling can bring’. Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse has already began to develope a relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington that will lead to squad members supporting different BGC events.

The centerpiece of the road cycling season in Bloomington will be the re-titled ‘Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Festival’ that will occur in high summer on Kirkwood Avenue, combining top quality criteriums, kids events and a race expo.

Details of the composition of Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse are still to be determined but they expect to support an invited small team of Elite Category 2 racers as well as a slightly larger invited squad of Intermediate Category 3 riders. In addition we will develop a Women’s Squad (primarily supported by the Oliver Winery) as well as encouraging applications from Category 4 and 5 riders who wish to represent the team in a professional manner as they aim to rise up through the categories by working together to achieve TEAM success.

Look out for an announcement of a ‘Press-Release-Party’ to introduce ‘Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse’ to the community. Riders and supporters of interest will receive invitations but the event will be open to everyone who has a serious ambition to race for the team. It’ll be a great time!


Wes said...

Thats great for Bloomington cycling!

Todd said...

Way to go Lyle!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Team Scholar's Inn Bakehouse (T-SIB) could also take over the Brown County SP and Morgan-Monroe SF road races!? get them back on the USAC calendar, etc..

Anonymous said...

Damn straight, that'd be sweet. Those are good courses to push back onto the regional scene.