Oct 4, 2010

Gravel Grovel

This is advanced notice but the Gravel Grovel is back for year 2- 100km over plenty of the gravel roads of Hoosier State forest. This year run on the saturday after Thanksgiving, it was wildly successful in 2009with Kenda Pros Rytlewski and Birdman battling with Greg Strock and local hardman Andy 'Mexler' Messer for the win. Expect more of the same this year and be aware there is NO day-of registration and I'm sure it will fill up quickly. It will be a blast!


Lindsay said...

Wow, the entry fee has DOUBLED from last year! $20 is still a killer deal, though.

Anonymous said...

man, why does this have to be right after thanksgiving when lots of people will be out of town!? WTF. FML. LOL.