Oct 13, 2010

Cutter Eric seriously injured (but not that one)

It hasn't rained in Bloomington in forever, the roads are oily and todays rain brought down lots of leaves. A team of four Little 5ers were very unfortunately hit by a car riding on south 446 north of the lake. They happened to be Cutters and the social media has gone a little haywire! Eric Brodell, one of the their rookies (who already has a pet name- Skeeter) has suffered a serious leg injury while Eric Young and Michael Schroeder were hit but not seriously hurt. The HT has the developing story. I have no knowledge more than that but it appears a consequence of (maybe) driving too fast on slick roads and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The comments on the HT article indicate that plenty of people have noticed that the roads were dangerous today. I hope everyone gets well soon as I would do if it were the 'Cutters' or 'Hoosier Climber' and this story makes everyone slow down just a touch.
Photos below from the HT- thanks to Tom Schwoegler for sending them.
Personal experience says that if you hit a car make sure that it never gets driven again.

Sad Scene

Bike shop challenge- who can fix it?


adamrodkey said...

I absolutely hate to even think of this kind of thing; makes me sick.I sincerely hope all are well.
As for the bike shop challenge, some JB weld and a couple of Park glueless patches, I'll have that thing rolling in no time.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you to everyone for the amount of support we have received. Ride safe!

Hank said...

I think you should rethink the title of this post. As a member of this team I greatly appreciate all the support from the community and I'm greatful that everyone with time will be alright. Eric Brodell "Skeeter" is just as much a Cutter as anyone else on our team and we don't give out "Pet" nicknames either. As a cyclist yourself it shouldn't matter if it were Eric Young, Eric Brodell, Eric Anderson, or any other Erics for that matter but more of the fact that a cyclist and his team luckily will live to talk about this accident. Maybe you should put yourself in their shoes and then maybe you can realize that they're lucky to be alive and be a little more grateful instead of joking about Little 5 which is 6+ months away. Ride safe out there everyone because as we have seen today the car always wins. Good luck in surgery Skeeter; hoping for the best!


adamrodkey said...

For the record, GP has had every bone is his body shattered by a car. He's VERY lucky to be alive, or walking/riding at the very least.

Geraint Parry said...

Story slightly amended. Zach, Sorry you feel this is flippant, it wasn't meant in that way. Everyone is very glad it appears everyone will be OK down the road. The media reporting of the story does reflect the fame of the team. As for the nicknames- you can't have it both ways. If people know you all solely by those names then you can't complain when people use them. The Cutter mystic is perpetuated by riders who don't even know your real names talking about you by your nicknames! I'm not sure that is relevant to their recovery anyways, get well soon Skeeter/Eric/Hazel/Eric/Patches/Michael.

wes harris said...

That's what all the Noise was about yesterday. I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.

AH said...

Jeebus, even my 9yo knows the Cutter nicknames. I heard her shrieking in front of the TV this morning "Dad, Hazel is on TV!!!"

But yeah, get well fast Skeeter.

Hank said...

Geraint im not hating on you by any means; sorry. i was a little emotional last night and got a little angry at the context wrongfully so. Sorry Geraint