Oct 7, 2010

UCI3 Rankings

If anyone is around the Cincy area this sunday be sure to take a trip to Harbin Park to watch some Cyclocross. This final race of the 3 day festival is a 'C1' event meaning it's the biggest type of race outside of World Cup races. There's a 10K prize list and a large number of big names in CX world.
In the tradition of the five start ranking of L'Equipe these are the contenders for the weekend-


*****- Jpow, Cannondale/Cyclocross World
*****- Ryan Trebon, Kona

****- Troy Wells, Clif Bar
****- Joachim Parbo, CCV Leopard
****- Barry Wicks, Kona
****- Tristan Schouten, Cyclocrossracing.com

***- Ryan Knapp, Bikereg.com
***- Chris Jones, Rapha-Focus
***- Geoff Kabush, Team Maxxis
***- Brian Matter, Geargrinder

**- Mike Sherer, Pony Shop
**- Andrew Wulfkuhle, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Jake Wells, Hudz/ Sudaru
**- Weston Schempf, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Zach McDonald, Rapha-Focus

*- Mitchell Kersting, Bobs Red Mill
*- Stephen Cummings, Haymarket Bikes


*****- Katie Compton, Planet Bike

****- Laura Van Gilder, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes

***- Sue Butler, Hudz/Subaru
***- Barbara Howe, Ibis and Danger Twins
***- Ashley James, Kenda

**- Arley Kemmerer, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Linda Sone, Planet Bike
**- Kaitie Antonneau, Cannondale/ Cyclocrossworld.com
**- Deb Whitmore, Performance Bicycle
**- Deidre Winfield, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Nikki Dallaire, Alderfer Bergen

*- Christy Blakely, Cycle-Smart
*- Megan Korol- Bobs Red Mill
*- Nicole Borem, DRT Racing
*- Amanda Virostko, Biowheels Racing

But what do I know? See you on the mic!

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