Oct 19, 2010

Fall Cycling Series

Register on the IUSF website. It's coming up this weekend and is the true test of autumnal form! An added wrinkle this year is that the winning team ca choose their qual time next spring- I like the innovation!

The details-

Street Sprints - Friday, October 22, N Jordan Ave 3-6pm
To determine the fastest male and female Little 500 rider on campus, students will drag race 200 meters down Jordan Ave. The Street Sprints are set up in a tournament style bracket format with the fastest riders moving on until only one remains the champion.

Climb Trial - Sunday, October 24, Bill Armstrong Stadium 9am-1pm
Riders Council has designed a new event for the Fall Cycling Series that combines an uphill time trial with a 2 lap time trial on the track - all to be ridden on a Little 500 bike.

Cyclocross - Sunday, October 24, Bill Armstrong Stadium 3:30 W/4:30 M

What is commonly referred to as an obstacle course on bikes, cyclocross is made even more interesting with a Little 500 spin. Hay bales, stairs, and obstacles are combined with this two person relay event on and around the Little 500 track.


Tom said...

Heats are posted for Street Sprints.


Tony said...

Great, I really hope to make it along to the Climbing Trial.