Jul 19, 2011

Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Festival / Bloomington Criterium Thanks

Thanks to those of you who helped make the downtown Bloomington event a success! Although we've been doing this for years, the preparation and groundwork to host a downtown venue are mind-numbing, starting months before the event until the last rider is in. Unofficially, I counted over seventy people with specific tasks and responsibilities directly related to the race or preparations. In addition to the over 200 racers in five categories, some estimates were that over 1,000 people lined the course throughout the night! Many thanks too, to the sponsors and benefactors, both long term and those dedicated to our teams all season and those who gave for just this event-as many have done year after year. Their gifts and support and patience are one measure of the strength of cycling in Bloomington. I know you don't race for money but it's nice when a community is engaged enough in our sport that shuts down the streets, re-routes traffic and generally creates a nuisance, to provide gifts and cash for your efforts. It's also fulfilling for me to see how the racers interacted with the crowds and passersby in such a professional and courteous manner- not always so easy when the adrenalin is jacked. I was witness, at my post at the start/finish, to countless interactions between rider/fan/resident and visitor. Our community takes its cues from how we behave and that perception is what allows us back again next year.

If you have a moment, tell us how we did, and as importantly, what we can do better or differently next year.

I've seen a few photo galleries published from local photographers. John Bennett's are some of the most inclusive and are also posted at http://n4xi.smugmug.com/2011BikeRaces/Scholars-Inn-Bakehouse-Cycling.

Thanks for your support, both on and off the bike.

Tom Saccone
Director, Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling


Anonymous said...

More corner marshals and road work on the back side if possible where all the pot holes are. There seemed to be a lack of corner marshals for such a small course.

Anonymous said...

upland should have donated a few volunteers then

Frederick said...

6th street was already patched. Indiana, 7th streets, and Dunn were in good shape. Short of rebuilding the brick crosswalk on Kirkwood there is little that could be done to improve the course. There were no pot holes on the course.

We can always use more marshalls, however, short of a brief lapse on 6th and Dunn in the Women's feature I'm unaware of any serious incidents with corner marshalling. (Thanks again to all who helped)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tom and the rest of the host team for putting on another great event. Always the highlight of the racing year.
-Toby (MOB)

Anonymous said...

anyone know the status of the race director search? has eric young gotten the job yet?

Spencer Dell said...

Also wanted to send our thanks to Tom and the rest of the SIB team involved in making this race happen...a great event in a great atmosphere, job well done!

-Spencer Dell
Team Upland Brewing p/b Sustainable Cycling

Anonymous said...

jordan bailey is the new race director

Anonymous said...
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John S said...

seriously?! who is monitoring these comments? anyone? grow up and stop abusing this forum.

Erik Hamilton said...

Sorry, it has been removed. I am all for questioning and debating race tactics but personal attacks using offensive slurs won't be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Quit being a bunch of girls