Jul 15, 2011

Bloomingto tweets and odds

Twitter trash-talk has been pretty slow in the week leading up to the big event but there have been a few gems...
@ryan_knapp ...anyone looking to buy a result from @Panthercycling at the Bloomington Crit, our only accepted currency is Jager Bombs. Thx.

@jinglehammer I wonder if @Jason_Fowler has been sleeping in an altitude tent and aiding recovery with space legs in prep for the B-town crit?

@jason_fowler Cleaning the 808s and washing my aero booties. @ahubbe it's never to hot for an extra 10 watts #btowncrit

And the classic
@jason_fowler Hay is in the barn

But who is going to win...

So looking at the start-list and knowing who else may show up, it's time for a little fun and assessing the favorite for the Pro/1/2/3 race. Italics mean their participation is not 100% but likely...

5/1 joint fav- Chad Burdzilauskas (Texas Roadhouse).
5/1 joint fav- John Grant (Texas Roadhouse) Both are on good form with recent Superweek wins. TRH are masters of taking this race by the scruff of the neck and dominating the final laps. However is deginated sprinter will be the favorite.

6/1 Chris Uberti (Panther Cycling) Likely the team sprinter if it comes to a bunch kick. The only negative would be a Purdont grad taking the Ultimate Bloomington prize.

7/1 Ryan Knapp (Panther Cycling) Also on good sprint form and could be the favorite from a small group. Motivated for the home town win.

10/1 Jon Jacob (NUVO cycling)
10/1 Erik Hamilton (Panther Cycling)
10/1 Jake Rytlewski (Kenda Pro Cycling) All these three need to find the break and then prolly attack it to finish solo. Tricky but not impossible

12/1 Mike Sherer (Kelly Benefit) First race back from a broken collar bone. Would be a big ask but if any residual sprint form remains then he really wants this one!

15/1 Jason Fowler (ZIPP). Riding solo as usual. Peaking for this event (see above) and always races up at Bloomington. A decent each/way bet I think.

18/1 Jonathan Atwell (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) Big win at Grandview but will be looking for the break like Jacob, Hamilton et al)

20/1 Matthew Light (Racing for Riley)
20/1 Graham Dewart (Scholars Inn Bakehoue) Seem to be the sprinters for their respective teams but it would be a step up in class to compete in this event. Both teams will be looking to get in the break and see what happens.

25/1 The Field- Anyone else out there to compete? Let me know, I'm a little out the loop!


Todd said...

Fowler for the win. Team colors might say he's racing solo, but some colors are deeper: Grant, Depasse, Walsh, Schroeder, Lusk and Stewart all in the race with him.

Chris said...

wait, i thought Zach was a 3? Isn't Fowler a 1?

Anonymous said...

It's a 1,2,3 race.

There's only 2 races I care about: 1is in April, 1 in July, both in Bloomington.

Anonymous said...

cobb leads out rose for the win

Anonymous said...

young gets 2/1 odds for flying back from whatever race he's at to defend his btown crit title

Anonymous said...

kevin vanes 15/1