Jul 27, 2011

MMSF #7 Times

Tonight was the 7th edition of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest TT for 2011 and 18 riders came out to tackle the course on a hot and humid day. Jonathan Atwell continues to improve, throwing down a 21.03 (a PR by 17 seconds if I'm correct), amidst finishing his dissertation - a real accomplishment! Erik Hamilton was the fastest Merckx TTer with a 22.10. On the women's side Tatiana Kolovou and Rachel G. tied for 1st both with a 27.54. Due to a lack of paper for the timers, initials and times were recorded on an iPhone. I've deciphered the initials as best I can and tried to recall Merckx/TT from memory, but if there are any corrections, please let me know. Great job to all who came out and thank you to Mr. Adam Rodkey and Mr. Eric Young for timing!

Full Results:
Place Name Time MPH
1 Jonathan Atwell 21.03 28.50
2 Erik Hamilton 22.10 27.07
3 Ryan Preske 23.56 25.07
4 Ren-Jay Shei 24.36 24.39
5 Tom Cox 24.44 24.26
6 Bob Costello 24.53 24.11
7 Shane Slaven 25.49 23.24
8 Lyle Feigenbaum 25.55 23.15
9 John Kinder 26.08 22.96
10 Cameron Johns 26.18 22.81
11 JK2 27.02 22.19
12 L.B. 27.32 21.79
13 Tatiana Kolovou 27.54 21.51
13 Rachel G. 27.54 21.51
15 Randi Cox 27.56 21.48
16 Sue Aquila 28.22 21.15
17 Nicole Richardson 28.27 21.09
18 V.B. 32.22 18.54


Anonymous said...

Atwell is going faster because of his speedo

adamrodkey said...

I think he wears the Speedo under normal cycling gear just for moral "support."

Bob Costello said...

I want to thank Eric Young and Adam R. for timing
But I also want to say the TT seems to be lacking some organization this year. I have been to three TT's where it has been unclear who the timer is or if there will be a timer. I thought Fred Rose was going to run the TT this year? Fred if you are having trouble finding people to time maybe we could all throw a buck or two to the person who times and that might help with getting a reliable timer to the TT

adamrodkey said...

In reply to Bob, I volunteered to time this past week, but I just assumed someone would bring out the timing sheet/pen/watch. I was wrong in assuming this and I'm sorry. I had my watch for time and it was a life saver that Young was able/willing to do the recording on his phone. I feel responsible for this past weeks shortcoming; I shouldn't have assumed someone else would bring the sheet.
But fling by the seat of our chamois, it ended up working out pretty well.

Anonymous said...

fred should come out and time himself

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:47 you should go time

Anonymous said...

Whoever is putting it on should be responsible for timing, if that's Fred, then he should go time.


Frederick said...

???? Bob, its the same organization (or lack of it) that it has always had. Strictly speaking I'm not in charge specifically. I don't want to steal thunder here but credit for getting our little TTs off the ground and cruising for the past few years is Sarah and Ryan. That said, it has always been a scramble amongst a select few of us "volunteers" to make sure someone was timing. Its always been that way. FWIW the only reason I wasn't at the TT in any capacity is because I packed two 'right shoes' in my kit bag and had to go home and find my other shoe. Again, if anyone thinks this TT is my personal affair, you've been reading too much BVN. (but you're welcome anyway.)


Anonymous said...

has fred ever timed the tt?