May 22, 2009

IOWA calling

Not much racing in Indiana this weekend so many Midwesterns will be heading west to the IA-IL border for four days of great racing. Details of the weekend can be found here and spaces are available for each of the four races if you want to make a late decision to race. In short-Fridays event is a flat and fast RR based in Burlington IA. Saturday has the 'queen' day with the marvelous Snake Alley Criterium, a race based on the sinous cobbled snake alley in Burlington. Even if you don't race, it is a great spectator event as by sitting between the curves in the road (often time with beer in hand) you can really feel the pain of the riders.

Cresting the Snake.

Muscatine IL hosts the Melon City crit on sunday on another challenging course (watch out for the 35mph speed-bump) and the weekend is rounded out with a classic 8 corner crit in downtown Rock Island IL on Memorial day! Truly a great weekend of racing!
The Quad-Cities Crit in Rock Island is flat and fast!

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