May 9, 2009

Eagle Creek Crit

Some good success for Bloomington riders at Eagle Creek park today. The brief details now and more to follow in a couple days-

Women- 1st- Katie Weber (ABCycling), 2nd- Bri Kovac (ABC), 3rd- Louise Turner (ABC).

Cat 3 race- 1st- Eric Young (Morris Trucking), 2nd- Matt Kiel (Gray Goat), 5th- Tom Saccone (Tortuga), 6th- Clayton Feldman (WM)

Cat 4 race- 1st- Kaleb Nageli (IC3). Ride of the day, solo victory after 7 laps all along off the front!

Cat 1/2- 1st- Greg Shrock (Texas Rdhse) 2nd- Chad B (Kenda), 3rd- Andrei B (NUVO), 4th- Eric Hamilton (NUVO) and off the front ALL day until a late mechanical cost him a chance at victory. 5th- David Caughlin (NUVO), 6th- Harry Clark (ABC), 7th- Ben Weaver (NUVO), 8th- Karim Abdelkader (MOB squad), 9th- Jason Fowler (ZIPP).

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