May 8, 2009

Weekend Racing

Local- Saturday morning sees the Eagle Creek Traditional Crit. This is run on a safe but a fairly technical loop in Eagle Creek Park in Indy. It has a shallow rise to the finish line that can sting in the sprint. Details at Indiana Race series.
Sunday Morning there is a 40k TT out at the classic Monrovia course. Go under the hour and win a T-shirt!! Also part of the Indiana Race Series. The tentatively scheduled Mooresville race has been canceled.

Regional- There is a circuit race in Germantown Ohio on Saturday, Check it out here.

National- The "">Joe Martin SR is occurring this weekend in SW Arkansas and there is a good amount of local representation in the Pro/1 race (Neff, Sherer), the Cat1/2 race (Meyers, Shei) and in the Cat 3 race (Gaines). The opening TT was yesterday and Ren-jay Shei in his first big national race finished 19th out of 100+ riders. Nice ride RJ! Share a thought for a couple of Indiana racers who traveled all the way to AR and then were outside the time cut in the TT! That's a long way to go for 2.5miles!

International- The Giro d'Italia starts tomorrow! Not much Bloomington interest but I hear Lance Armstrong is riding! Universal Sports will be airing the race live on the web so good luck to those of you wanting to get any work done in the mornings! For what it's worth BVN picks Ivan Basso for the win although it will be interesting to see if Astana gain the USPS and Discovery channel style eye-of-the-tiger now that Big Tex is on board again!

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AH said...

One man's missed-time-cut is another man's road-race-feeder. At least that's how it ought to work with our guy who missed the cut...