May 26, 2009

Weekend Results

Results from the the Burlington RR and the Snake Alley Criterium here.
From the Quad Cities Crit here. There were some solid performances from local riders with Clayton Feldman (Team WM) winning back to back Cat 3 races in Muscatine and Rock Island. Another lucrative weekend for Clayton who showed what he can do when not working for a teammate!
Clayton got some TV time after the Rock Island race in this interview with the QCtimes!

Louise Turner also took a victory at Rock Island in the womens 2/3 crit! The locals won't be pleased with that prize money going across the pond!
There was some other racing at the Wildwood Crit in St Louis this weekend in which both Ryan Knapp and Lauren Half put in strong performances. In the Pro/1/2 race Ryan made the break of the day and finished a strong 3rd. I'm sure the details will appear here soon enough!
Ryan (right) hurting in the break!

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Anonymous said...

SANDBAGER! Come on Clayton Uprgrade.