May 5, 2009

Alderfer Bergen Domination!

The Winona Lake RR and Crit over the weekend were the home races of the Alderfer Bergen cycling team and it seems they represented pretty well!

Results here and a great picture of Issac Neff winning the crit here. Oh he's happy about it!

Ren-jay Shei put together this race report, thanks RJ.

- The Village of Winona Circuit Race this past Saturday saw many solid performances from the Alderfer Bergen Cycling team. In the women's race the expected breakaway of Tracy Tolson of Texas Roadhouse and a couple of Alderfer Bergen ladies happened, with Louise Turner and Bri Kovac accompanying her. In the end, Kovac went off solo to take the victory while Turner outsprinted Tolson for second place. On the men's side, Chris Chartier and Isaac Neff, both of Alderfer Bergen, were part of a four-man breakaway that went clear of the peloton early in the race. Later as the race went on a couple of chase groups formed, with Will Nowak of Alderfer Bergen and Adam Leibovitz of Nuvo bridging up to join a disintegrating breakaway. The endgame became Nowak vs. Leibovitz, the latter being on junior gears. In the tailwind uphill sprint, it was Leibovitz who led out the sprint and hung on for the victory, with Nowak taking a close second.

Sunday's Village of Winona Criterium saw similar tactics from the Alderfer Bergen Women with Pam Loebig and Katie Weber attacking right from the gun. Later in the race, Weber, Bri Kovac, and Louise Turner joining Tracy Tolson in a 4-woman breakaway. Turner jumped out of this group and wound up lapping the field by herself while Tolson, Kovac, and Weber maintained their gap over the peloton. On the last lap, Turner led out her teammates in the pack while taking the victory, with Loebig and fellow Alderfer Bergen rider Erin Hetzel taking the top two spots in the field for 5th and 6th, respectively. Kovac outsprinted Tolson for second, with Weber taking 4th after a late solo attempt for second. All in all the women set the bar high for the men, taking 1-2-4-5-6. The men happened to be taking notes during the women's race, and after some early fruitless efforts, Isaac Neff was again off the front, this time with Greg Strock of Texas Roadhouse, and former Little 500 rider Mike Lance of Nuvo. A late chase saw the pack almost swallow up the breakaway, but Neff took off out of the last corner and won the race with a sizeable gap over Lance and Strock, who finished second and third, respectively. Mike Sherer, also of Alderfer Bergen, won the field sprint for 4th place.

Congratulations to all who raced this weekend!

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