May 22, 2009

SR446 Update- take action!

From Kevin Hays-
446 is in the process of being "chip and sealed" from Pine Grove, past Heltonville, all the way to US 50 between Bedford and Seymour. They have started at Heltonville and are heading currently heading north. Apparently, it will be pretty much impasable for cyclists for quite some time. The Bloomington Bike Club has already been in contact with Indiana Dept. Of Transportation as well as emails to Gov. Mitch Daniels and there will probably be some sort of petition as there was absolutely no public notification at all before the work began.

Seeing as this blog is seen by riders both at IU and elsewhere, maybe we could gather even more opposition to this absurd resurfacing! Although a lot of people are now gone for the summer but man are they gonna' be pissed when they come back in the fall. Below is the contact info for Daniels and INDOT.

Gov. Mitch Daniels:


Chances are it will not make any difference, seeing as the work has already begun. But it certainly won't hurt either.

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Anonymous said...

Rode the 90 today.

446 to the flashers has all been chip 'n sealed. It's not bad ... not much loose gravel. Just a lot of road buzz from the not-yet-smooth surface.

Definitely rideable, no problem.