May 6, 2009

Use it or Lose it!

This Sunday the Indiana Race Series will attempt to host a circuit race at Pioneer Park in Mooresville. This is a great venue and the racing is always competitive and fun! However as it's Mothers day the organizer (Dan Daly) wants to guarantee a good field before committing to the event. Therefore if you want to race, go to Truesport and register before midday Thursday. The race will not go if it's raining due to some new yellow lines on the pavement so if you register and it doesn't happen then Dan will get you the money back. All the racing will be done by Midday so there'll be plenty of time to pamper your Mom afterward! If you have any questions then email Dan at
The Indiana Race Series also hosts the Eagle Creek Traditional Crit on Saturday morning in Indy. Another great race!


adamrodkey said...

The way I understand it is that if the Mooresville circuit is cancelled, then there will be a Monrovia 40k on Sunday.

Geraint Parry said...

True. There will be an ABR race on sunday, it just depends on which type it'll be! If close to 100 people sign up for the Mooresville race then that'll be it, otherwise it'll be a Monrovia 40k TT!