May 31, 2009

Tallest riding midgets in the US!

Tulsa Tough is a three-day series of big money criteriums in Tulsa OK and it was where the Feldman and Young money-grab rocked up at this weekend. Three races- three wins (1 for Clayton, 2 for Eric) together with 1st and 3rd in the weekend omnium. Results here.
In a three week destruction of Cat 3 fields throughout the Midwest these Cutter team-mates have made a bunch of cash and now surely must have caught the eye of the auto-upgrade police! That'd be OK for Clayton if he is returned to ride L5 next year but for Eric that would mean just one more year of L5 eligibility and the Cutter five-peat would be in jeopardy (the 2010 four-peat is all but assured!). Nice riding fellas!

Eric Young winning at Nortons Commons a few weeks ago- same story, different race!
Photo- John Bennett


Anonymous said...

young is untouchable

Anonymous said...

until he races against real 1/2 fields.

Oats said...

not team money grab,

it is

Team Money Train

finally, Hazel Bear is a big sweetie don't knock him unless you've beaten him, and so far this year there is a short list

Secretariat, The Conductor