Apr 10, 2011

Reflection and predictions..

It seemed to be an epic day at Team Pursuit yesterday with all the plaudits due to CvK and her Teter teammates who twice broke the Womens TP record (Teter 2004). All the more remarkable was that Caitlin led the entire way. There is surely no better way to throw down a marker for the race.
It has been pointed out to me that I know little of what is going on at the track this year so these topics are generated from the excellent IDS_Little500 twitter feed. All you are the experts so I yield the comments section to you! Also throw in your race predicitons, 'tis the week...

- Delts win showing they are ready to rumble. The lack of riding MnO placed them below the radar a little but RJ Stuart is as good as anyone not called Young. What will there race strategy be?
- Sigma Chi, legit, ready to challenge.
- Cutters, arguably the best position, 3rd with no need to ride again! No white jersey in the race this year! From a few photos I saw it looked as though Kevin and Eric were pulling the most of the time. Weakness? Probably not, they had a TP nightmare last year and seemed to do Ok in the race
- DG only 10seconds behind Teter will be their biggest challengers. They need to throw everything they have at the other Teter girls to win.
- Nice to read that Chris West from PDT was back on track...the question is whether he can pull on the bars after an exchange....
- There appeared to be more wrecks than usual, clearly the heavy rain didn't improve conditions too much. These wrecks prolly cost Army a victory over Wing-it and cost DTD coach Ken some skin after getting run-into by an errant BKB! Hopefully no permanent damage by any of those injured riders!
Team Rev Christine- ouch! photo caitlin coar


alley fruit said...

Great rides by DTD, s-chi and PDT! I looks this is going to be fast aggressive race day.

knower said...

I am sorry but the Delts win yesterday does not mean a thing. They are still a lackluster team with poor coaching who will only every suck wheel to second place, that is fact. The Cutters obviously weren't trying and could have easily gone under 9:05 or lower if they had wanted to. This is all just another mind game by them to fool teams that really aren't that good into thinking they have a shot.

Unknown said...

Can we get some TP results up on here? Suspense is killing me.

Unknown said...

Anyone have full results?
Iusf is terribly slow...

Todd said...

I've been saying for a while, you guys need to drop the hate of Delts and realize that they are for real.

Justin Keene said...

Saying that the Delts have poor coaching is a joke. You do realize that Ken built the Marian cycling program as we currently know it, right?

Also, the Delts skipped Miss-n-Out so that they could race the double up at Marian last weekend. Seems to have worked in their favor.

AH said...

Actually Terry Hofer built the Marian program, but that's not quite germane to this blog post.

Anonymous said...

So does RJ actually use epo or is that a joke? Wouldn't he beat young if he was on drugs?


Todd said...

Gotta love that the IDS ran a picture of the Cutters watching the final rather than the Delts and Sigma Chi.


TurnLEFT said...

The interesting thing about the Teter team is they finished both runs with a full team. Plan on attacks early and often and may the best team win!!

Unknown said...

The track was actually in awesome condition. It was easily one of the fastest tracks I've ridden on, packed down, smooth, and not even a hint of wind. Our second lap split was a 36 something, which is normally a full sprint. We were totally shocked, and obviously cooled our jets a bit after that one.

Andrew said...
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Jordan Hulls said...

The race this year is going to be great. I think there will be aggressive attacks from beginning to end. 32 teams are gunning for one goal, for the cutters not to 5 peat. If the strongest 3-5 of those teams truly work together and commit to attacking at every opportunity, there should be some fireworks. Tough to say if that will be enough to overthrow the Bissell king, but it will be exciting to watch. Pre-alcohol induced Little 5 week predictions:

1. Delts
2. Sigma Chi
3. Beta
4. Cutters
5. BKB

TurnLEFT said...

Did anyone see Knapp during the final Saturday? I had never seen anyone look so confused on what to do to motivate their team on. Poor Kid

TurnLEFT said...

Sigma Chi

Wing It

Geraint Parry said...


In theory that's a very nice idea. The problem is that no-one ever 'works' together! Plenty of talk but for one reason or another it never seems to happen! Classically this was shown 2 years ago when the Cutters should have been buried a lap down.. Fiji and SigChi may have a relationship that could work as Tom and Todd are friends. Not sure there is any love between the remaining coaches from the top teams to form even a minor collaboration. Has anyone EVER collaborated successfully? Please offer examples if people know of it (except for TMT and DTD a couple years back)!
My advice might be for a team to work with the Cutters. Take a lap with them and then take your chances later in the race

Todd said...

My top 6:

1) Cutters - Until the streak ends...
2) Delts - Courtney knows how to get second.
3) F1J1 - Ellis plus a program that stays cool.
4) Phi Delts - I like West's experience over the summer.
5) Sigma Chi - I can't get the infield tantrum they threw over a dropped chain out of my head. Add Tom and it is for a combustible day.
6) Beta - I liked them earlier but they don't seem to be clicking.

Todd said...

I forgot SNU.....wait, no I didn't.

thesebaggynutz said...
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thesebaggynutz said...

I wonder (OVER/UNDER) what lap will we be on when the Sigma Chi riders realize "Tom is F'ing out of his mind, what did we get ourselves into?"

I'm at lap 42.

Note to SX's if 5 families kick out the same rabid dog in your neighborhood, do NOT give it shelter.

Movie reference: The Thing, starring Kurt Russell (Give it a look)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thoughts and early rankings:

For a team to win this year, they must attack. End of story.

Teams that I think will attack - here is where they will finish:


Unknown said...

Wow, I just watched that Little 5 video on youtube.

I was disgusted. Why do fraternity guys continue to have to act classless? It is a sad day when stupid people resort to those kind of lows.

Who are these guys anyways?

Unknown said...

Lets get away from that video and the use of a $15 dollar cutters shirt, and back to the race that is a few days away. Here are the rankings of the race week as I see them,

1. ill 5 (the vid)
2. teter (for womens race obvi)
3. geraint(for buying an ill 5 shirt)
4. courtney b(1st-finally-bout time)
5. Brice Fox & Daniel Weber (for saying "And now mount your Schwinn bicycles."

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you Manny, with the attacking, but not the picks. If there is no wind on Saturday look for a very exciting last 50 laps.

Cutters - Young has sprinted to two wins already, he is not going to want to win, he is going to want to destroy the competition Hans-esque. If he gets away he could very well lap the field in under 3 laps. All eyes will be on his every move come Saturday. Not only will Depasse carry on the Cutter tradition in the years to come, but I'm guessing he will get plenty of experience from this race.

Delts - RJ Stuart's so tough he must have a toenail on the end of his penis. He's shown great improvement in a year and with Lenard/Coudright/rookie they make for a complete team with one almost flawless race together, Courtney will get them to the end, then what?

FIJI - Dave Ellis and Ted Boeglin have the experience to win this race. They rode amazing and actually 1 UPed the field without anyone knowing. Could they sneak away again? All possible if they can escape from the danger zone in row 13....wtf?

Phi Delts - Sharp knows how to win in a sprint. West has the experience and it sounds like he will be ready to go. Solid core of rookies keeps the tradition going as if graduation never happened, but do they have the depth to go 200 laps?

Sigma Chi - Morrow and Fish have something to prove after last year. They have been solid for a couple years now, bad luck has been on their side. I have to think that Tom can only help their program with the passion and knowledge he brings...right?

Tagout, anyone else with info on BKB, Beta, Delta Chi, Hoosier Climber, maybe Sigma Nu?

Unknown said...

Randy do your legs ever hurt from jumping so quickly to conclusions? Can you show me proof that the two gentlemen that made this most recent little five music video are indeed from Fraternities? I will guess that you make this assumption from the defacing of the Cutters t-shirt, as if it is frats and frats alone that have some abhorrence for the Cutters. Even though both the IDS and IUSF seem to be jumping on the Cutters' dicks faster than a sorority girl at those fraternities you know so much about, it doesn't mean that the entire independent populous has the same hard for the cutters as you may think, and it is possible that someone unassociated with a fraternity could dislike them. Frats do enough to paint a bad name for themselves, they don't need your half-hearted assumptions to help them along.

Jordan Hulls said...

After talking with the powers that be around Assembly Hall, and Jeremiah Rivers of course, here are the official predicitons....

1. Cutters- Young takes it in a sprint for the 3rd consecutive year. Yay for the home town team! This is still a townie team correct?

2. Sigma Chi- The firepower of Fish and Morrow get them to the last lap but not enough in the final spring. The "magic" of Tom can only get them so close.

3. Phi Delts- Similar with Sigma Chi where the firepower gets them to the last lap, but can't get over the hump in the sprint.

4. Delts- The strategy gets them to the last lap, but confusion breaks out when Courtney actually tells them they want to be leading after the last lap. Riders don't know what that means and ultimately pushes them to 4th in sprint.

5. Sigma Nu- The pure power of frat water gets them to a top 5 finish. Their fan section erupts into a mass of frat pennies and arm flexing.

Unknown said...
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TurnLEFT said...


I will take the over!

I think Sigma Chi are happy and will be much more happy after we win.

thesebaggynutz said...

Every team is happy with you BEFORE the race Jim Jones, Let's hope they can at least try not to guzzle the Kool-Aid like your teams of the past.

And what "WE" are you talking about, Are you a Sigma Chi? Think you should do more than dip your toe in EVERY teams pond EVERY year before you start talking about "WE".

Even money your still bucking for the FIJI gig. :o)

You know there is a pill you can take for what you have. FYI

Chris said...

You dops realize that's not Tom posting this right? Tom signs in as Tom, and Tom S is an imposter.

thesebaggynutz said...

That's dopes with an "E" if you please. :o)

and the message still applies.

TurnLEFT said...

I will not even offer a response to the false "Tom S."

But the WE still applies

TurnLEFT said...

Someone is impersonating me!!!

Chris said...

Ha Ha ha.

TurnLEFT said...

You laugh but this is a serious crime!!!

Go Cutters!!

Chris said...

For being an imposter, you're not half bad. Go Cutters.