Apr 13, 2011

Tale of the Tape...

Teter and the Cutters go into this weekend's races as heavy favorites and both have an exceptional rider leading the teams. But what would happen if CvK and Eric went head-to-head? I used the greatest of scientific techniques to perform this experiment and these were the results..
Little 500 wins
Advantage- Eric 2-1
Little 500 Records
Advantage- CvK 2-0
Series Event Wins
Advantage- CvK 6-4
Professional Bike Contracts
Advantage- Push, none yet.
Earning potential
Advantage- CvK (she has a proper job)
Total rings on teammates
Advantage- Push. 2-2 (Lusk 2, Laurie, Gowdy)
Total rings on Coaches
Advantage- Eric. Too many to count
Strength of Team
Advantage- CvK by a whisker.
General Lovability
Advantage- CvK
Strength of Opposition
Advantage- CvK (Men's field is deeper)
More likely to say 'well there aren't any hills on the Little 500 track'
Advantage- CvK (a purer L5 rider)
Advantage- Eric (more punch in the attack)
Most likely to look like Woj in 10 years
Advantage- Pus.... Eric
 Most likely to bring the GDIs and Greeks together, personal
Advantage- Eric
Most likely to bring the GDIs and Greeks together, general
Advantage- CvK, Cutter hate/envy at an all time high

Scores. CvK, 8 Eric, 4
 There you have it, CvK is a cert to win in a grander manner than Eric. You read it here first!


Todd said...

Eric looking like Woj in 10 years? He'd have to grow a foot taller; CVK is taller than him!

Chris said...

good stuff.

Woj said...
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Tom said...

Love it!! Two future HOFer's in a fictional battle to the death.

Go Wing It!!