Apr 15, 2011


Teter Wins The Women’s Little 500
By STEPHANIE KUZYDYM | IDS Little 500 beat reporter
POSTED AT 4:51 PM ON APRIL 15, 2011

For the second straight year, Teter won the women’s Little 500.

They did it by lapping the field.

Although Delta Gamma took the pole, they were unable to beat the strength of the Teter team. Teter’s Caitlin Van Kooten won the Miss ‘N Out, ITTs and Team Pursuit, the Little 500 Spring Series Events.

Final results
1. Teter
2. Pi Beta Phi
3. Delta Gamma

Photo: Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times


Unknown said...

Teter did a good job of using that first wreck to their advantage, but that was hardly the story from that race. Brown rode the race of the decade on Friday. She was taken out 9 laps into the race, lost her shoe, and she still was able to fight back to get second. How many laps did she do? 75? 80? I have never seen a ride like the one she did during that race. Congratulations Teter, but HOLY SHIT BROWN!

Anonymous said...

The early wreck happened directly in front of the Pi Phi pit, and they did a great job reacting quickly getting another rider in quickly and when the green flag came out they were no more than 1/4 to 1/3 lap down. Watch the race tape: Caroline rarely pulled and used other riders to work her way up while every Teter woman on every set were towing trains of others around the track the entire remainder of the race. The top team Delta Gamma did not crash, and Teter not only lapped them and Pi Phi but took another 2/3 of a lap by the end. Caroline rode a smart race sitting in whenever she could, but props to DG for attacking the entire race, often alone or pulling and then just getting caught out the last two laps due to their huge efforts. Teter clearly dominated and still would have if that crash had not happened - a clearly epic ride there.

Anonymous said...

...also a reminder that in the 24-year history of the women's race, this is the first time that the entire field has been lapped.

Frederick said...

I think Tiger's comment stands. Caroline road a fantastic race. (one of the very finest performances from an individual rider in recent memory)

Well done!

Frederick said...

"rode" (can we reinstall the editing utility?)

Clayton.Feldman said...


I'm not sure what your issue with Caroline is, but to suggest that she didn't work to get back into the race is just plain stupid.

It is fairly obvious that you are a Teter fan and have a bit of a bias towards them, as I am biased towards Caroline, but if you have a personal problem with Caroline I suggest that you avoid hiding behind a nickname.

Caroline did work with Melinda for a 8-14 lap period in the race, however outside of that time there was no pack to sit and hide in.

I will guess that you have never raced so you don't know what happens to your body when you wreck. The first time that happens is an addreline surge, which is what blocks out the pain that you will certainly be feeling the next day, next you get a massive spike of hormones that greatly limit your ability to control your body.

So a half loaded Caroline was chasing a full gas Teter team, again the team that set the TP record. She went back in 1/2 lap+ down to CvK after the exchange. So she had an excellent rider with three teammates who could keep a solid TT pace, with a 1/2 lap spotted to them, yeah she was hiding you are right, no your an idiot.

You are right we got lapped, you are wrong that she wasn't working, next time you fracture your hip but still continue to ride over sixty laps, in the process chasing down 4 or more teams that were up the road from you, then you might understand what that effort took. I imagine Caroline rode more laps after her wreck than anyone else did in the race as a whole.

Chris said...

CVK is the best female rider of all time based on her results (not just bias), but her teammates rode so fast that she only had to ride 52 and about 20 of those were just tempo laps. Total team effort.

3 team pursuit titles and team pursuit record by 13 seconds leading the whole way (broke it twice in one day)

2 miss n out titles and a third.

2 Itt titles and a 5th

Qualifications record

First woman's team to ever lap the field. 2 victories off the front.

Won almost every fall series event every time she entered.

Unbelievable leader. HOF!!!

But her team was the story.

Caroline is HOF bound as well. 3 years in a row of over 70 laps and a win.

Chris said...


I think that person is referring to the race tape when we were pulling her up to DG, not Caroline's great and smart ride. I don't know who that person is though.

Let's keep it nice guys. I'm just happy that Caitlin's teammates Lauren, Susan, and Emma got the credit they finally deserved because too often they were overshadowed by Caitlin and Caitlin does not need many more props after what she has done the past 4 years.

Unknown said...

Here is what I see. You say that Caitlin is arguably the best women’s rider based on “results.” I would agree that based on IUSF results that is true, but here is a breakdown of Brown’s race day career—I can’t comment on series events as I have never been in town to see them. I also can’t comment on her race in ‘08, but I know she got Rookie of the Year. Here we go: In 09’ she rides 77 laps and wins the sprint—that has NEVER been done before. In ’10 she rides the first 30-40 laps for her team sitting and rotating at the front the whole time, she gets TWO laps rest during which time her teammate brings the bike back almost half a lap down. Brown then chases back to the pack. This chase took about 15 laps during which she was clocking constant 38 and 39 second laps… I am pretty sure that would have broken CVK and Teter’s TP record from this year. After another bad exchange she gets only 4 laps rest and begins her second pursuit of the day. Another half a lap down with teams in the lead pulling like crazy to drop her, as they did the first time, she begins her steady chase chipping away at the gap. Her team is then is assessed a 5 second penalty from which she was unable to come back from. She was lapped and then taken completely out of the race by a bad exchange. Had she been able to finish that race she would have ridden 94 laps as I do not think her coach would have taken her out of the race unless they needed to complete one more exchange—this I am unsure of. Now to 2011. On lap 9 she is taken out of the race. She spends the rest of the race riding smart and fighting like hell to catch back up. Aside from a brief period where she sat on Teter early on after the wreck and working with Melinda Balchin later on, Brown was in no man’s land the entire rest of the time. She clawed her way back passing very strong teams—Kappa, Wing It, Army to name a few—and eventually launched an incredible attack on DG with 5 laps to go. Each time her girls went in they lost ground, and each time Brown went back in she fought like hell to get it back. Later we learn that she was really hurt in that wreck but continued to grind it out anyway. I don’t know about anyone else, but in my mind Brown has been the most amazing rider to watch out there these past 3 years. I have been gone for several years, and like I said all I get to see is race day, but to try to diminish any of her performances is Ludacris. If Brown does not get into the HOF I will not only be surprised but severely disappointed.

Chris said...

I don't ever diminish Caroline's performance since you are referring to my post. I put those 3 years in the hall of fame on raceday.

My point is Little 500 is a team sport, and Caitlin didn't need to ride 70+ every year. Do you seriously think shes incapable of such a feat?

We honestly don't need to worry about who's better. We are happy with the results and my opinion is just as bias I guess cause I'm the coach, but her results are off the charts and if having a great team diminishes your raceday performance, then so be it. Obviously it's comparable saying that Tom Brady is not as good as Peyton manning type of argument. Brady has all the records and head to heads and rings but many think manning is better because his team is not as good. Oh well. It is what it is and they are both the 2 greatest quarterbacks ever.

Talking about it here is useless. It just goes in circles. I'm sorry I decided to post because, if it appears negative to Caroline then, I'm sorry but it was not meant that way.

Chris said...

Yeah Teter was clocking 36-39.8 the entire run besides the first lap. It was incredible. I don't think there were any 40's besides lap 1. You should watch more then just the race. It paints a bigger picture. Riders take series events much more seriously now then they did 10-20 years ago.

Frederick said...

Tom, I have to disagree with you. You weigh the series events far too heavily. Caroline has willed her team to the line every year. She has shown great leadership and put in great performances every year. There are riders already in the HoF who could only hope to have accomplished what Caroline has.

Frederick said...

CVK wasn't in a crash and CVK had back up, and Brown did ride that kind volume for her team (it was corroborated by others for me).

Its not a zero sum game here. CVK will go to the HoF.(and I'll be the first to concede that she has displaced Jenn as the best Women's Little Fiver yet, however,...

If we're shifting the discussion to potential future HoF inductees, Caroline really needs due consideration as well.


Unknown said...

Tom, if you want to bring up series results then let’s consider a few things: Brown’s results were bullshit this year. Multiple people clocking her had her beating CVK. So great, she is screwed because of a shitty timing system. And miss-n-out… anyone who had a view of the back stretch (which was not many since everyone is at the start/finish knows that CVK moved over 4-5 feet (isn’t this tactic illegal in Little 5) when Brown went to go around her and threw an elbow. Brown had to stop pedaling and then fight the rest of the way around in the sand pit outside line on the track—that seems a bit like dirty racing to me. To say CVK beat her in Friday’s race is a freaking joke. Brown was wrecked out and then couldn’t get back on the bike to start closing the gap before it went yellow for two reasons (1) her handlebars were sideways as was her saddle, and (2) her shoe was in Kappa’s wheel. Tom, do you have a personal issue with Brown or are you just a jerk who likes to pretend that his opinion actually matters? CVK is a stud and a HOF shoe in, but so is Brown.

Todd said...

They are both Hall of Famers. Vote them in.

Sadie said...

This is absurd. While Brown is a very fast rider, finishing almost 2 laps down after only being a quarter lap down from the crash is not the best ride in any decade. Her win was a much better ride then this one. Since when is being two nearly 2 laps down the ride of a decade? Coming from Clayton especially. He removed his first post so I can only imagine what type of post he made that he actually had to remove it.

Do you know how many athletes come back from injuries during a race and still do well? A lot. Adrenaline kicks in. She was clearly still riding just as well. It is admirable, but most good athletes would have ridden out the race. Metherd had a concussion and demanded going back in. Countless others.

Next when Clayton posts to back up his girlfriend, he is at the same time demeaning her teammates by basically saying they stink. The only reason he coaches them is for her. I'd like to see him come back and coach the next 10 years for them. Doubtful.

She doesn't make her teammates better. They were marginally better then last year with a full year of some form of training I assume.

Everything is an excuse when she loses. She crashes a lot. She consistently does not read what is going on near her. It's never her fault. When was the last time Teter crashed in the pack? It has never happened because they ride at the front 1-2 or 3 at all times. Never sit in when you're that good.

Teter has crashed on a couple exchanges when Brown's team won. Did you hear them claim they would have won if they didn't crash? Nope, not a word.

This was an article about the race, but you think Teter wasn't the story? You're being delusional.

Every time one of your friends, or you or your girlfriend doesn't get into the hall of fame, you post this big emotional speech on how you or your friends got screwed.

Going head to head Van Kooten has won every single time the past 2 years. When Teter caught Brown, Brown did not help Teter for one millisecond. If she could pull 15 laps at 38-or 39 she might have wanted to help to get back to the leaders quicker. This was not even a deep field. Coming back to get second is admirable, but it is so far from the greatest ride of the decade it's not even funny.

She didn't even do Team Pursuit so saying she could beat Teter is a joke. She may be good enough to break the old record on a good day, but head to head Van Kooten keeps beating her.

I think Brown is one of the best Little 5 racers ever individually. maybe top 5 behind Jenn and a couple others.

But she's a big drama queen. Does she deserve to get into the hall of Fame? Probably because people feared her and she had 3 great races individually, but as far as attitude towards others and the ever swinging pendulum of drama precedes her character.

As far as her being better then Van Kooten, it's a joke. She woulda coulda shoulda been better then Van Kooten.

I actually feel bad for Brown but when her boyfriend constantly does this it's annoying and so lame. So sorry girl! Your boyfriend attracts negative comments about you when you rode an impressive race.

The comeback to this post is why don't you post your real name. waaah! Truth hurts.

I watched the race on TV and could see everything going on. Teter had a 7 or 8 second gap! You could count on 6 hands the number of laps Teter was dragging her around to catch the field and then they got dropped again so were on their own.

Last year she rode better even. She kept coming back until she was knocked out. She was running and not limping during the race. Admirable but it's not like she shattered it.

I have heard so many stories about Brown complaining, or falling, or being pissed they pile up to the sky. It would be so easy to put her in the hall if she grew up.

Teter was so fast on TV. It was amazing!

Sadie said...

Brown got elbowed? Go and watch the video of it. She couldn't even make past herm rear wheel and lost by 8 bike lengths or more. Van Kooten has really long elbows. Van Kotten pulled the whole way in 30 MPH wind and crushed her.

My quad hurts, my time was wrong, my shoe fell off, shes dirty, it wasn't my fault, I would have won if... My god does it get old.

ITT's really? You're a joke. caitlin won by about 5 bike lengths. Brown probably got 2nd though.

Clayton.Feldman said...

I won't glorify this comment with a long post. But our dogs name is Sadie Jo not Sadie so next time you can try to hit a little closer to home.

I'll take this as a compliment to Caroline that she was good enough for you to watch so closely, to hate so much, and to take the time to sit down and write such a spiteful comment. I'm sure you probably never won the race, and I'm positive you never won the way she did, if you must strip others down to make yourself feel better I feel bad for you.

I like to think that I have never tried to lessen the accomplishments of anyone else, it seems that you however were never good enough on your own, you needed others to be worse.

Rick V said...

Full disclosure: this comment is from Caitlin's Dad. In response only to Clipless' comment above about her throwing an elbow during the Miss-n-Out final, here's a video
Judge for yourself. Lighten up people.

Sadie said...

Sorry about your dogs name. I would have never posted anything until you got on here and started acting like your girlfriend is a goddess. You brought it on your own girlfriend. Good job. She is a great rider just not quite as good as Van Kooten but seriously you demeaned her teammates and you should be ashamed of yourself.

laurenelizabeth said...

Yo Haters!

DG Cycling loves Caroline Brown! And if you'll remember we lost to her...

Unknown said...

Well duh, everybody who actually knows Caroline Brown...LOVES her.

Clayton.Feldman said...

"Sorry about your dogs name. I would have never posted anything until you got on here and started acting like your girlfriend is a goddess"

Not sure what part of my first post, which was in response to a different person who seemed to dislike Caroline, made Caroline out to be a Goddess. Was it the part where she got in a wreck and eventually got lapped by Teter (the team that won by riding a really great race). Or the part where I tried to explain how hard it is to ride after a wreck. I'm pretty sure I never said she was better than CvK, so not sure how that was involved in this post,in fact I never even suggested that idea.

Also I haven't deleted any posts on here, so I'm not sure what you were refering to with that.

As always Haters are going to hate

However, I will now use this time to give props to DG for riding like their shorts were on fire to try to stay on terms with Teter, you girls had one heck of a race. Teter your whole team came through on race day and it was an impressive showing of team strength, again bravo.

Sadie said...

Nice work Clayton. Before when you clicked on the word Teter instead of clicking the comments section, it said Clayton said... post removed by author. You could not see who the author was if you just clicked on comments. Now that first post has disappeared. Bravo on knowing people to remove it. Multiple people saw this. Anyway great race by Pi Phi, DG, Teter and everyone else.

TurnLEFT said...

What's wrong Clayton "Tiger" have your tongue?

Caro said...

Hi all,

How about this? Leave me the fuck alone. Teter won and Pi Phi lost. All the Teter girls deserve some sort of an award for their race on Friday. They have worked their asses off and have won two years in a row because of it. Thank you Tom and “Sadie” (I can’t believe you used my fucking dog’s name) for making me hate such a great event like little 500, and thank you Geraint for starting this blog and setting a horrendously low standard for respect among riders and among people.

Don’t you dare go and blame Clayton for your malicious comments about me. You didn’t need him in order to be an asshole. You did that all on your own! Take credit for your handiwork, Tom and Sadie!!

In regards to the comments about Miss-n-Out, I was bummed about that and I was not happy about what Caitlin did on the backstretch. However, I went up to her right after the event and said something; I didn’t come here and post shit about it. Regardless, she won and I lost. Really, that is all there is to it.

I can’t fucking wait to get out of this town (a town I used to love more than anywhere else) and away from the shitty side of Little 500 that this blog has created, and I am sure lots of people can’t wait for Clayton and I to leave. I will have to clear this with him, but I bet we will buy you all a keg for the party you throw when we finally move. Again, congrats for making this week absolutely horrible for me. You win!

Also, Dad I am sorry that you come on here to get updates about Little 500 and have to read all this stuff about your daughter.

Again, congrats to Teter and everyone else for an amazing race. Caitlin, for the past two years you have won every series event and the race. I don’t think that has ever been done before. That’s an amazing feet and you should be proud. It was an honor riding with you, super frustrating, but an honor.


Unknown said...

Dear Pi Phi Haters (yup, that’s you Sadie and Tom…),

I don’t know what your problem is, but you cannot take away from Caroline that she rode an impressive race. What she has done over the past three years deserves HOF recognition. She finished the majority of the race this year with a serious injury. That takes some serious grit and determination. She is a very talented rider – I truly do not understand how anyone could not see this.

As for Clayton’s comments – how would any of you feel if someone who cared deeply about was being victimized like this? Remember, these girls all have families and friends. In fact, Tom, are you aware that Caroline’s father was a Sigma Chi rider? Not only are you speaking about his daughter in a way that no man should be proud of, but you are also discrediting Sigma Chi by association. You wouldn’t want someone speaking about you or someone you cared deeply for like you have spoken about Caroline. Clayton was saying things that needed to be said to those who have continuously beat her down. You know who you are, and you need to grow up. This malicious behavior is disrespectful and childish, and has undermined the integrity of this event.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Pi Phi fan, but I will not take away from Caitlin and the Teter’s that they rode a very impressive race and are all very talented cyclists. Caitlin likewise deserves HOF recognition for what she has done. On Friday, Teter rode very well, and had a very deep team, but, as there always is, there was some luck involved. If you watch the tapes, you will see that Teter very narrowly escaped two wrecks. Had Teter gone down, the results may have been the same, but the race would have been different. It should not go unnoticed that the two girls who had mostly readily been able to keep up with Teter (Melinda and Caroline) went down in the crash on lap 9.

Moreover, Caroline and Catlin would not have accomplished what they did without the support of their teams. Obviously, the Teter girls were very strong riders – I think we all know that, but the Pi Phi girls deserve some credit too. The Pi Phi girls should be extremely proud of what they accomplished as a team. They are happy with the result, so why not let them enjoy it rather than tearing them down?

DG also deserves a shout out here. They fought the majority of the race out in no man’s land. They rode extremely hard and should be very proud of themselves. I hope their efforts do not go unnoticed.

Finally, I urge everyone to remember the history and spirit of this race. This is a collegiate sport. It is about teamwork and sportsmanlike conduct. It is not, and should not be all about winning. To focus solely on winning and to cut other riders down as inadequate is to lose sight of what the Little 500 is about. Tom, if you’d like to talk about Sportsmanlike conduct, please consider how the Teter team acted during the race. In my opinion, although Teter rode well and clearly won the race, they should be criticized for their unsportsmanlike conduct during the race. Though it was not as apparent in person, it is duly noted on the HD Net broadcast. I think, saying that they will drink tea for the remainder of the race and making hand gestures to the music and in victory well before the race was over (something the commentators noted) is disrespectful to the race and to their fellow competitors.

Finally, it is my personal experience and understanding that Caroline is much better liked in the cycling community than Caitlin. One might understand this after seeing the cocky behavior captured on Friday. A testament to a true HOF athlete is someone who can be cocky but who is not. Confidence is both necessary and appropriate. Celebration far before the end of the race is, in my opinion, both disrespectful and unnecessary and is not a testament to the spirit of the Little 500.

In the spirit of the Little 500 legacy, congrats to all the RIDERS on a job well done!

TurnLEFT said...


Point out to me in my posts where I said anything to lessen Caroline's rides? I have said a number to times her rides where very impressive. But hearing someone complain (not her) about her not winning because of bad luck is silly. Bad luck is as much of little 500 as good luck. Teter helped themselves by riding in the front all day and still almost got into to wreaks. The wreak on lap 9 was as much bad luck as was Teter avoiding wreaks all day good luck.

I do know her father was a Sigma Chi and I stand by my statements that in no way did I attack her but rather Clayton who feels that in some way Teter winning hurts Brown. My comments about HOF are still true and will not change she does not deserve to be in the hall. Much like Sarah and Bri did not deserve to be in the hall.

I do feel poorly for Pi Phi because her teammates did ride a very good race. In watching the race tape they rode many more laps then it appeared on race day.

I do agree that Teter did show poor taste in overly celebrating, but to be fair to me this was really not the topic brought forward and we are currently discussing. But I would be more then willing to talk about the very stupid word's of Chris on the video.

I stand by the fact I have made NO Malicious comments toward Caroline. If you can find them in any of these post I will eat crow!

Geraint Parry said...

To echo Lauren's comments, those of us at BVN HQ also love Caroline, her personality is infectious and she is a great bike racer, L5 or otherwise. There seems to be a lot of overreaction in this set of responses so everyone needs to calm down. Caitlin and Caroline are both great bike riders and I'd like to think are good chums of mind. Their personalities and Little 500 experiences have been very different but both deserve to be in the HoF in my humble, yet very knowledgable, opinion.

Clayton.Feldman said...

Caroline asked me to leave this alone but because of lies about what I have and have not said I feel required to respond

1. My first post on this subject was on april 18th at 12:17, I didn't post before that and if you know me you'd know I lack any kind of technical knowledge of how to remove a post. It would be my best guess that imagine this, some one made a fake "clayton" name and posted an inflammatory comment. I only posted because lioness200 spread the well worn line that Caroline doesn't pull, I was never going to say anything until I saw that, knowing how hard her and her girls worked to pull themselves back on to terms with other teams made me very upset to see such lies. 2nd I don't post under a fake name on here, if I have something to say I will take credit for it, I'm pretty confident that how I see the world is pretty accurate and honest so I'm not afraid of anyone telling me I'm wrong.

2. To Tom, I really hope that this isn't actually Tom Sch because your posts have been extremely distasteful considering after the race, and before the race on several occasions, I have witnessed you telling Caroline that she "had your vote for HoF". I'll hold my tongue until it is proved to me that it is you. That issue aside, I had my own concerns about who won ITT's and/or how close the time should have been, but where in this post do I mention anything about ITT's or MnO for that matter. I kept quite because I was never sure of exactly what happened in the events so I didn't make an ass of myself by saying I was sure of them.

3. Thought I probably shouldn't even mention the video of MnO, I'll give my take of what Caroline saw and what you catch on the tape. Between 4:56 to 4:58(just about 4:58 really) you can see CvK's right elbow come out (it really looks like a flick of the elbow for someone to pull through), I don't think she throw it at Caroline and I have no idea how far off the curb they are because of the angle, but that elbow is what Caroline saw when she was in loose track trying to come around. NOW this wasn't the only reason Caroline didn't win MnO, nor did it probably change the outcome at all. So there is my opinion on that matter, since before this I hadn't posted anything about MnO or ITT's really I'm not sure how you got the idea that I was on here making excuses for Caroline. CvK was the best on that day and made the finish hers, it wasn't dirty, she just won.

4. When did I complain about not winning because of bad luck? I understand pretty well how much luck, both good and bad is involved in the race

Geraint Parry said...

So I removed all comments made by 'Tom' as they suppose to be Tom Schwoelger and have good info that they aren't. Fucking grow up people. I'm stuck in Chicago on my way back to the UK and am pissed and this just annoys me even more

Unknown said...

What is going through peoples' minds when they write such anonymous, immature and pathetic comments? They bear a striking resemblance to writings often found on bathroom stalls.

caitlin hamilton said...

This whole blog has become a stupid bathroom stall when the subject of Little 500 comes up. Whoever these awful people are, I am embarrassed to call them a part of a community I was once so proud to be a part of. I never won a race or a series event, but I always had awesome things to say about the Little 5 community all through college. It is both frustrating and embarrassing that the "community" has degraded to this level.
I love Caroline Brown, CVK, and all the other people I have met through the Little 500 who have so positively influenced my life.

Unknown said...

I don't have any evidence to back this statement up, but I would venture to say that these so-called stall writers are in the minority. I wouldn't be surprised if the same individual is the primary instigator across most BVN posts. And to all those offended or disheartened by such anonymous jerks, don't take their comments seriously. If you've worked your behind off and done nothing wrong, people respect you.

Mike Sherer said...

Grow up people. This all makes me sick. This has all gotten way out of line. Thank god Little 500 is over and this sight can back to covering racing in the Midwest, instead of stupid hurtful L5 drama.

TurnLEFT said...

Wow thats the pot calling the kettle black.

Mike my memory seems to remember you speaking just like that on another Little 500 a few years ago.

Mike Sherer said...

Yea and I am ashamed of it. It was stupid and silly. Doesn't mean that it needs to continue. I can recognize that was stupid and childish. I have moved on from that The funny thing is that half the posts are not current riders but washed up L5ers who have nothing better to do than post shit about people on this site. Lets get back to cycling news updates on this site.