Apr 27, 2011

Training Race Report- WW #7 - Beanblossom/Forest

It was raining when I met about 20 riders heading towards me on lower Cascades as I was cycling towards the Gates to meet them. It was a good group for a rainy night, clearly some collective angst that needed a remedy after so many wet or cancelled rides this month. Many Little 500 and collegiate racers were among us as well as 5 women and the usuals. We were heading out to do Forest and Beanblossom, but reported conditions of debris fields and washouts on that descent forced us to reverse the route-to the dismay of some as Beanblossom is a formidable ascent. As soon as we turned onto Anderson the speed picked up quickly and after just a few miles three distinct groups formed. At the sharp end were Rose, Stuart, Pilling, Smallman, Levy and Saccone. The six made the turn onto Beanblossom and Rose immediately put pressure on the group, forcing a split on the first third of the climb. Stuart was able to answer the call and the two jumped hard out of the saddle to the top. Pilling and Smallman pulled Saccone reluctantly to the top in the second group. Levy had enough and rode at his own pace. The three chasers put out a strong effort but were unable to fully connect with the leaders. On the second lap, the chase group was within 10 seconds of Rose and Stuart, but timed it badly as the second ascent of Beanblossom was imminent. We saw them make the turn and Rose again found the strength to turn the screws and his break-mate was broken! Smallman and Pilling sensed the desperation and bridged to Stuart just after the climb, leaving Saccone to solo for the last half dozen miles. It was raining hard now and Fred soloed to the bridge finish for a well-deserved W! The chasers finished in an undisclosed order as I didn't quite see it! All in all, a good day of training and just what the mind and body needed to clean out the carburetor for this weekend's real test!

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Pilling said...

Epic effort Fred! We were chasin' hard.