Apr 18, 2011

Official now.



Unknown said...

gotta love a good slap in the face. ouch, that hurt

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Dude should not have been able to be in the race.

Anonymous said...

Was he pro before the race? No.

Was he pro after the race? Yes.

Do the rules say you cannot race Little 5 if you ever intend to go pro, whether in three days (Young) or three years (Sherer)? No. I still cannot believe people are so upset at Eric when they are scared of racing with him.

CVK was arguably more dominant in her race and no one is protesting her involvement just because she happens to not road race.

I didn't realize anyone's livelihood revolved around L5.

Everyone needs to calm down and start their training for next year, that's what Eric would have done and look how it turned out for him...