Apr 16, 2011


Cutters do it again!
On a cold and rainy afternoon, the Cutters proved that they had the patience, maturity and power to come back from a crash and a lap-down deficit early in the race to win the 61st Little 500. Each rider participated in a calculated reeling-in of the field before setting up Eric Young's final laps to victory.

This from IDS

2011 Little 500 Men’s Final Race Results (Unofficial)

By STEPHANIE KUZYDYM | IDS Little 500 beat reporter

POSTED AT 4:49 PM ON APRIL 16, 2011 | | |

1. Cutters
2. Phi Delta Theta
3. Sigma Chi
4. Delta Tau Delta
5. Acacia
6. Black Key Bulls
7. Hoosier Climber?
8 Delta Chi
9. Sigma Nu Fraternity
10. Phi Kappa Psi

11. Kappa Sigma
12. Theta Chi
13. Gray Goat Cycling
14. Sigma Phi Epsilon
15. Phi Gamma Delta
16. Cru Cycling
17. Beta Theta Pi
18. Air Force Cycling
19. Emanon
20. Dodds House
21. Wright Cycling
22. LAMP
23. CSF Cycling
24. #Jungle Express
25. Sigma Pi
26. Delta Sigma Pi
27. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
28. Sigma Alpha Mu
29. Delta Upsilon
30. Pi Kappa Alpha
31. Achtung
32. Evans Scholars
33. Phi Kappa Sigma


Unknown said...

What poor strategy by those who had a lap on the cutters. I know it was early and the cutters are strong, but you stick on their wheel the rest of race and no way can they should make up the lap.

Chris Banta said...

yesterdays race was amazing to watch. The cutters burns that they put in over the course of 60 laps to regain their lost lap was incredible. They also had some great help with DTD and Sigma Chi. All three hooked up and worked together for 60 or so laps to get back in contention. Impressive race all around

Zachary Lusk said...

Delts rookie Phil rode a great set while I was in with him. I was hurting and he was laying it down. Great race by all teams; definitely one that will be talked about for a long time!