Apr 17, 2011

One for the ages..

I must admit when PDT, BKB, Fiji and Acacia finally lapped the Cutters after a hard battle to take the final 100meters between the teams after THE big wreck I loudly proclaimed that 'the dynasty is over'! It seems I spoke a little too soon.
One of the most compelling and 'epic' races in recent years was largely a tale of 3 teams. PDT and the others took the lap but they were the driving force by constantly attacking the Cutters throughout the race. Unfortunately for them they were outgunned by the extremely unusual situation of having 2 of the 3 strongest teams a lap (or more) behind. PDT had some help from BKB but the combined pressure applied by DTD and Cutters was too much to bare. At the very end they were still attacking and though the final lap exchange was a unfortunate oversight they gave it their best shot to beat the Cutters. Four returning rider means they will be race favorites in 2012.
What more is there to say about Eric Young and the Cutters. A lap down they took stock, didn't panic and then slowly got the lap day as they sensed PDT and BKB were tireing. Young's ability to immediately  generate a gap was used to start the slow process of taking that lap back. However it was far from a one man effort. The other riders stepped up to maintain or even increase any advantage Eric gained. The end of one era as Lusk and Young graduate with 3rings having played major roles in the most exciting three race series in history. Depasse and Harbison will be joined by some fresh faces next year and will have all the pressure to maintain this remarkable streak!
For me DTD were the most critical team of the day and the fact they were down gave the Cutters an unlikely ally to bet back to the lead lap. They were constantly on the attack and all their riders deserve enormous credit particular RJ Stuart and James Coudright who were awesome throughout. If they haven't been taken out in that wreck and had been with PDT then we would be discussing a fraternal victory but that's the way the race can go!  Yesterday they turned their program into an attacking force who promise to never be satisfied with anything but the W.
Credit to Sigma Chi who elevated their nascent program to the next level and should be around for years to come. Acacia also came up from spring time criticism to win the Dixie highway whilst BKB gave it all they had before running out of gas in the final 30laps. All in all a cold, damp day at the track that was a pleasure to view!


Unknown said...

No write up about the women's race?

Unknown said...

Who is deleting their stuff? What are they hiding.

I still can't get over this race! 27 years later Cutters still run it.

I never doubted it.

Breasts, barf, & cycling!

Todd said...

GP - Great recap. Here are a few other thoughts:

1) Although the Cutters, DTD and Sigma Chi all unlapped themselves by working together and all three did a significant amount of work, I don't understand why DTD and Sigma Chi didn't work with Eric initially after the wreck. Eric did a 17 lap set after the wreck and during that set, DTD and Sigma Chi would not pull through. All three teams were down and would have benefited from working. I'm just curious as to the thought process because that could have saved all three teams a lot of work.

2) Sam Harbison, not Eric, started our initial unlapping.

3) I know that PDT has all four back and rode great Saturday, but until the streak ends, the Cutters should be the favorites;)

Todd said...

I was just corrected on my point #2. Zack "Hank" Lusk not Sam.

ram tang said...


You are wrong about your cutters being favored to win in 2012. I have a question, do you think that uconn should be favored to win the next ncaa tournament too? Yes the cutters have won five in a row, but with losing Eric who made up probably around 50 -60% of the laps, its extremely tough to say that they are still the race favorites in 2012 simply because there is such a big whole to fill with young leaving.

Michael Schroeder said...

One never knows what the future holds

Frederick said...


Cutters know how to win, year in, year out, decade in, decade out. Can _any_ other program around today say as much?


Cutters, may or may not win next year but they'll prepare to win (just like every year). Only a fool would not count them amongst the favorites.

To all the teams out there: Its time to get training.

Todd said...

@knight - please note what Fred said and the ;) at the end of my comment. I'm fully aware of what next year brings: PDT are loaded! They could put 3 if not 4 in the top ten at ITTs.