Apr 13, 2011

Training Race Report- Wednesday Worlds #5- 446 Loop

About 25 or so met at the Sample Gates or along the course as we wandered out to the 446 start tonight. It was a beautiful night, cool but not cold, breezy without being windy. We agreed to another 6 lap / 24 mile affair. The usual suspects were there including a few Little 500 riders hoping to sharpen their top end edge for the main event this weekend. Several teams were represented, CFW, Aldefer-Bergen, Scholars Inn Bakehouse, Mob Squad, Pegasus, Dogfish, Nebo Ridge were there. The show got started right away with immediate pressure put on the field by messers. Cox, Kroll, Rose, Shei and Pilling. The group thinned out dramatically after two laps and Cox set up the half way Bakehouse granola prime nicely with a significant leadout that Shei was able to capitalize on. Rose was in the mix as well and managed a small break with his teammate, but with average speeds close to 25 mph small groups were unable to manage to create any real space. There was one or two desperate moments when Rose or Shei or Krol would be advancing up the road and either strongmen Cox or Pilling would produce BIG efforts to get the groups back together. The last two laps created a copacetic environment that allowed most of the leaders to work together in a classic paceline that played out nicely. Some road debris ended up taking Cox out of contention in the final lap and a few others were unable to contribute to the work at hand. In the last corner Pilling's leadout took the group to within 500 meters of the line and Saccone pulled to the 300 mark with Shei, Rose, Krol and Preske making up the train behind. There was some mixing in the final dash for the line but it ended up with Shei remaining perfect for the year at the 446 course and winning the $20 Scholars Inn prize! In the Women's match, Randi Cox made an appearance for a couple of fast laps, but had to leave for a prior engagement. Liz Cobb won the Women's event, and the $20 Scholars Inn prize with a strong effort. The Women's midway granola prime went to Hannah Caproon.

Next week: the intimidating North Shore/South Shore.

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Pancakes at Delts sunday morning after the race.

-Courtney Bishop