Apr 19, 2009

TP- inside the numbers..

Results are posted from last evenings TP here (men) and here (women). There were no big surprises in team performances but we did learn plenty about title ambitions for next weekend.

- The Cutters continue to impress with their ability to bring a team to the boil right on time. This team of two rookies rode exceptionally into the final of TP. Although Young and Feldman pulled for the final half of the race the other two riders each contributed to the effort (Zach Lusk's sucide pull at around half distance set up the second half burst of speed). The chances of these two riders letting the side down in the main race are small so the other teams need to have a solid plan to distance the Cutters as they have to serve their 2second penalty (they didn't pick up their pitboard on time- D'Oh!).
- BKB were really fast out there but who's gonna be their finisher?
- Phi Delt went third without Matt Kain and they will be on the lead lap at the end, especially as the weather seems set fair for next saturday.
- FIJI, TMT, Phi Psi and GGS are all where they want to be whilst Sigma Chi could be a dark horse contender after following up a top ten qual with another at TP.

Cerone and Balbach- Impressive ride (pic- IDS)

- Kappa Delta were astonishingly good! In the final they came within 2secs of the Womens record set by the formidable Teter quarter of Kovac, Dragan, Douglas and Lindemann and all with essentially two riders pulling the entire way. Their third rider took a few pulls early on and then hung on like crazy as Jennifer Balbach and Jenna Cerone propelled their team to the second fastest time EVER. All this without Julie Panzica who is suffering from a spot of tendinitis.
- Whereas KD are a team coming into form then Wing-it is a one women juggernant! Kristi Hewitt rode like a metronome to bust out 42sec laps for the entire twelve laps to finish in 4th place. Her teammates were able to sit on this steady pace for the whole time with no thoughts of ever pulling through. Clearly in the main race Kristi will win if she is there in the finale but the great unknown is how her teammates will respond to the changes in pace that the other teams MUST make. It's one thing to sit in at a steady pace and another to be able to response to attacks. However Kristi's form is such that she might be able to close any gap that another team could open up. It might be the greatest female performance since Jenn Wangerin.
Kappa Alpha Theta Ready to 'get at it' (pic credit- Facebook- they own it now!)

- Theta and AGD are strong as expected whilst Army and KKG put in a very close heat in which they both showed they have much to contribute next Friday. DG will be disappointed by their ride but will be A-OK and whilst although Teter yesterday clearly missed Jackie Moeller's calming influence I think their full team will be in contention for the overall win.

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