Apr 28, 2009


The Brown County SP RR was as brutal as advertised. The hill had not got any easier in the past year and each of the races was a battle of attrition. No attacks were needed, people just drop off the pace as the races proceed. Full results are here. The Masters race was a Louisville lock-down with two riders from the Calistoga racing team taking 1st and 2nd. Bloomingtonite Gary Palmer of Team Tortuga came 4th. The Cat 3 event was dominated by the Cincy based junior Prochain team even though a member McDonalds cycling team eventually snuck away to take the W. Riders based in the local area came 4th (Taylor Gaines- Prochain) and 8th (Adam Rodkey, Tortuga).
Rodkey on one of the few flat parts of the course!

Local triathlon hammer and BGI employee Ryan Shanahan gave road racing a try in the Cat 4race and as expected showed well to finish in 2nd place.
The final event of the day was double the length of any other race with the Pro/1/2 riders tackling 12 lap (60miles) of the course. Amazingly Eric Hamilton (NUVO), Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen) and John Grant (TX Roadhouse) were all on the start line even after late nights celebrating Little 500. Eric's great recent form continued as he first managed to stick with the lead group for a few laps before finishing an excellent 5th.
Eric Hamilton, climbing always climbing!

Pictures from Velo-Image- http://n4xi.smugmug.com/


Erik Hamilton said...

Geraint I got 5th!!!!! come one man:)


Geraint Parry said...

Oops! Report ammended!

AH said...

Dude, Hamilton went balls-deep on Sunday.

Geraint Parry said...

I'm not sure this forum should support such unfortunate mental images :)

Erik Hamilton said...

thanks AH:) still recovering from that one!